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How they twisted safeguard brain function to make zombie populations Part two   Bad Science      

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. So wrote Pitt the Younger in the early 19th century.

So what’s new? And for slaves read minions. Same thing.

But you get the big picture now! It’s about creating and manipulating a sense of fear in a group of ordinary people. This is done by confusing the critical psychological signals which are hard wired into each individual. One of these is, in professional jargon, the sympathetic nervous system. This initiates a track in the brain which boosts physical sensitivity and thus improved reaction to threats. Headlights whiz towards you in the rain and your pupils dilate, your throat widens to take in more oxygen, the heart rate accelerates, and blood moves from the body’s surface deep into the muscles. You leap from a standing start five feet further than your best running long jump at school. In fact fear initiates these sudden and complex physiological changes to defend and protect you from imminent damage. Whether for fight or flight you are better at it.  When the threat recedes the parasympathetic nervous system defaults. A man can then relax and enjoy a bite to eat. Nature when left to itself switches your emergency system back to normality mode which is easy like Sunday morning. They call it the rest and digest mode. However studies of sedentary office people experiencing panic attacks indicate a form of slow burning triggering of the sympathetic mode. Certainly the cure involving quick strenuous exercise suggests the classical default back into calm. Endless irritation and constant negativity is not helpful to mental stability.

That’s of use to the mischiefs who insist that we all get off our easy chairs and protest and do stuff like marching in very long lines down the main street yelling, “Tories .... out, out, out!” or to organize public campaigns for chucking bad eggs at politicians and then getting indigestion or jail.

So if Mr Soros’s agents, or the Marxists or Freemasons, or heretic RC popes get us all to feel ratty and suspicious and expecting the worst the manipulators can programme us with any and every kind of ideology and we don’t even notice we’re so pissed off. Why? Because an agitated man can’t think straight. In fact under the influence of the sympathetic nervous system instinct rules. Logic is jettisoned. We become susceptible to all kinds of subliminal propaganda. Simple! Next thing you know Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin, or Pol Pott is redivivus (risen from the tomb). You could be unlucky enough to discover that George Soros is the big swinging dick – globally! And it’s all accomplished by keeping us convinced that rules like persecuting smokers, or saving the planet from the laws of nature are absolutely necessary. Look around! When I met my student nurse wife I was sitting up in bed smoking a Capstain cigarette in Ward 10, Hairmyers Hospital, Lanarkshire, Scotland. The matron herself removed my ash tray to empty it. That’s called freedom folks. It’s why we lost a lot of young men in fire fights against hordes of German National Socialists, AKA Nazis.

The 12 questions of the quiz above are the tip of an iceberg of lost freedoms; and the most disturbing thing of all is not just that freedom has been eroded but that once free people have been unconsciously pressed into a pernicious consensus (or secret police force, or virtue signaling religion for the other guy) antagonistic towards any of the few freedoms left us in Western culture. In Canada only one man of note stood up to shout, Enough! when his government passed a law to force him what to say. That is a violation of free speech never contemplated outside of oppressed nations under Communist or Nazi tyrannies. What not to say can be ok if it limits personal insults, but to be ordered that you must use this or that expression … well that’s not right. That was Jordan Peterson.