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This touches upon another sinister phenomenon of these anxious times; since when did so many disparate social currents conjoin and co-operate towards a particular end? They each press for a homogenous world State under the rule of a single non-elected grand council. Think Star Wars! But what’s in it for Marxists, Freemasons, One World atheist cranks, and powerful heretical Christian factions (new Jesuits including the Pope) in the Catholic Church, Mafia, and mother Russia? Well, sharing one common enemy can tempt a cop and a robber co-operate, like trying to get a hand-grenade away from a monkey examining it while hanging upside down from a high chandelier. Each of the new world order fellow travellers would destroy the world rather than live with one weird threat ... and that threat is Christianity. You can't serve man and God; and they have deified man; so much so that they will sacrifice every man on earth in order to enthrone him. Why are they so driven to kill God? How can they be scared? All earthly power seems theirs. You can’t throw a rock into a U.N. banquet without beaning an NGO dignitary heading up some anti-Christian Nazi-style anti-civilization lobby like state-enforced abortion of under class women, or the forcing of Poor Clair nuns to recruit unshaven female impersonators as their mother superior (Human rights). 

For the record; an influential member of one such Non-Governmental Organization called Green Cross was/is Michael Gorbachev, a former Communist torturer and firing squad operative who rose to become capo di capi of the entire Soviet. This is what he said to the United Nations slumberers one balmy summer evening: “Honouring the earth creates a basis of genuine unity. Once these principles are codified in international law, transgressors will be punished without fail!” Vindictive vespers?

Get the buzz terms; codified, international law, earth worship, genuine unity, transgressors, and PUNISHED WITHOUT FAIL! The bad man who conned the free world into imagining that Marxism had a benevolent face just said it all. Note also the green Trojan Horse, Climate Boy out of Ecology Maiden. Ridden by G. Soros. A note about what is meant by honouring the earth; for all its amazing design and intricate operation, the earth is actually made out of, well, earth. Dirt if you will. It is also if we exclude its inhabitants inanimate. It is usually only worshiped by uneducated primitive tribes. Can it possibly be that Mr. Gorbachev is not really Christian? Well, he was a lawyer.

A journalistic think piece can’t be expected to detail every facet of an issue but one bears a passing glance – the anti-tobacco craze. A recent Vietnam movie had the leading man toying with a cigarette. He put it to his lips and I found myself muttering, “wait till the Geisha girl leaves or exeunts. Iriot". He started to light up and just like Hollywood in the 70s she tore the fag from his mouth. I happen to know that kind of cruelty can shred a chap’s lip.

So here’s how the entire family of man was turned into a pariah for daring to enjoy the fragrant weed. Two local quacks in a best forgotten township in the U.S. of A. published the nonsense that they achieved near miraculous cures of the sick by getting them to stop smoking. The specificities were farcical so look them up yourself in Google. Soon an alert psychology post graduate jumped on the band wagon and published a data based affirmation of this Lourdes-like healing phenomenon. Yanks go ape over psychology and wellness fads so the claims of these doctors and the shrink became intemperate. In fact a few serious scientists with little or nothing else to do proved the claims could not be replicated no matter how they stretched the null hypothesis margins. End of story? Well, no! The American Democrats have recently become Marxist so telling lies is ok now. The members who are not millionaires themselves were suspicious of Big Bucks businesses, like Steel and Military hardware and tobacco. Mainly tobacco because politically correct Left wing persons cycle everywhere and avoid getting into the office lift. This keeps them skinny and serious. Smoking, especially Havana cigars is considered disgusting. But the Democrat leaders like Barking Obama or Shrilly Clinton realized the destruction of the tobacco industry could hurt the Republican party funding. That’s when Hollywood screen writers were advised to get with the programme if they valued their jobs. The lady fag snatcher became the iconic and necessary cliché vignette and now men in the orient can’t date a Geisha girl and light a fag at the same time unless they hide under the sushi bar or instruct her to face the other way.

The town we can blame for the entire farce is called Helena I think. My researcher is a non-smoker activist so I’ll get back to you sometime later.


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