Yes, America’s news media hates Americans! But when does political opposition turn into treason?

Growing up in far away Scotland I had a thing about America before I ever realised it was another country. It was a formless affection for things a world away from my scampering boyhood; and it all began behind the Odeon cinema in a town called Hamilton. Our gang on a Saturday morning huddled outside the fire-doors to listen to the echo-chamber voices of Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Cagney and the other celluloid movie mobsters plotting a bank heist, or the young curate, Fr. Bing Crosby crooning the Bells of St. Mary’s. It was the poor kid’s Stargate through which a sunlit culture flowed into the old country. Everything in the movies was big and safe and, looking back, definitely decent. Sons called their fathers Sir. Protocol, even in Roy Rogers Cowboy movies, was observed in the company of crinolined ladies.

A lifetime later I went to America on a news assignment. I was to return again and again. I loved visiting the States. The film industry even back then was becoming impatient of the consensual Christian standards of the people but it wasn't dirty. That was coming, a very long time coming, but when it came it had the force of something like blasphemy in a Church. And everything couldn't be blamed on the film industry. That cultural catastrophe was a fusion of three currents, a louche, atheist academia which had seized practically every chair in the great universities, Hollywood where the sexual revolution had almost overnight made a joke of the august Film Censor Board, and a coup by the Marxist Left which subverted the political faction that went with baseball, and hot-dogs, and movie queues -- the Democrat Party, a former recourse of the hard working common man; to represent him and his family, their precarious industrial security and basic social justice.

To return Stateside in the 70s, after a mere ten years, was a culture shock. The change was as bewildering and sudden as landing in a city in the aftermath of a military coupe. And the perfidy of the once paternally correct Media was the most unnerving phenomenon of all within this sinister national metamorphosis. Americans had historically elevated the status of their information services to a level bordering upon the sacred; entwined inextricably with founding laws framing their God given right to free speech. The media, it seemed, formed a secure wall against the faddish depredations of post war Europe. It is for another essay to enquire into a secondary problem coming to light - the adoption by the younger professional class of a form of soft Marxism (admittedly a fantasy in itself) when the norm is for comfortable and secure people to be Conservative. That it is a fact explains to some extent the success of the virus that has reduced the Democrat Party.  Today the Democrats really do behave like a fifth column -- the inside enemy, the agency subverting its own nation and assisting traitors. And the bulk of the mainline media is cheerleader and enabler of the wildest of their treasons.

Consider the sea-change in the Press! In times past, a colleague on the Daily Mail in England took up our “man in America” column and became the delighted and spoiled guest of our Yankie cousins. He was invited to all sorts of functions and beanos one of which was a public lecture that had drawn a huge crowd. The speaker was one of the early anti-smoking experts. My friend wandered into the Green room during a break and found the pundit lighting a large Havana Havana cigar. Now he did what Brit journalists do by nature. He slipped out his notebook while signaling for a photographer. The pleasant pundit was quite unfazed. In fact he proffered a cigar to the reporter. No photographer turned up and my chum’s hosts later gently chided him for “breaking faith” with the expert. Seemingly the gaff was compounded by a failure to ask if the obvious subject was for or not for “the record”. Back then most American journalists would have slapped my pal’s wrist. Imagine the scene today! Ah, but not as a vignette in a crowded city of basically decent citizens, try instead to think of the cigar sinner as a leading Republican and my old time colleague as the chief reporter on the Washington Post, or a CNN anchor man. Get the drift? For the record? Ye gods!

There has survived a shrinking number of excellent media channels and press titles, such as The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. But the visitor is left with a suspicion that the best commentators are failing to recognise the enormity of the force that has overtaken them, although essential local elements have been correctly identified and responding strategies devised. For example a major problem is Deep State. Almost every assault on the culture entered via that novel Trojan Horse

In itself, Deep State is neutral. It is not a fifth column as such, but its very existence handicaps formal authority.  Deep State is essentially a State operating inside the State proper. The phenomenon emerged quite by the necessity of its own nature; that is, the administrative body of any modern nation has grown so numerous and powerful as the direct result of computer generated information that it has formed an identifiable social grouping of its own. The sheer data and information processing competence of this specialist population has cut a chasm between government administration as a tool of the governors and the actual tool itself. In terms of a paradox the tool is too big for the engineer and only the tool can use the tool. Now in itself the incompetence of elected people to control this Leviathan is problem enough, but what if real 5th columnists get to influence such massive machinery of State control.

 It can certainly be manipulated insofar as its senior operatives can be influenced by interested powers; for example by bribery or quid pro quo deals for patronage or advancement. Potentially it could be more deadly than the old Fifth Columnists of the past. Imagine a power caucus, say a political party,  unleashing the tax collection department against some perceived enemy! Or the nightmare scenario of the might of State Security being launched against an American citizen!

But, my goodness! Hasn't this just taken place in the United States of America as we write? The Obama/Clinton administration has just been exposed for the first horror, hounding enemies by subversive taxation. And has not the Democrat Party been exposed as the blatant manipulators of senior Federal security personnel who then engaged in wire-tapping, spying and entrapment meetings even in President Trump's own home?

And what decent visitor to America could conceive of an impeachment process moved against the President with purpose to remove him from his elected office? No? Well the Democrats have initiated that very contrivance. And in order to set the whole charade in motion recourse was taken initially to evoke the new beast Deep State in the form of its security administrators.

 Again, when the present U.S. Media is described as a naked political tool, I mean stark, stripped off, and shorn of any and every single ethical journalistic principle. The corruption is literally preposterous. It is a signal of pending doom for our 2,000 year old Western culture but its very immediacy seems to render it invisible. Not the elephant in the room but a dragon. Primarily the media has made itself the willing slave of this baleful new Deep State, (Better entitled the Fifth Column  Deep State). That Leviathan is ridden by a tiny governing clique. The agenda is less overt in the U.K. but shares a common strategy and gthat has very little to do with the people’s interests or anybody’s national interest for that matter. Indeed, so far as nations go, the new Deep State media operatives, frankly, don’t give a damn! The name of the game is world domination although most of its acolytes are unaware of that fact. So what’s new? Well you don’t really need jackboots and Panzer tanks any more. That’s what's new – so far. Cash, media corruption, and lies are enough. Oh, gullible populations help the cause no end! And even more cash; like George Soros type cash!

What does Fifth Column/Deep State look like, and what’s it for? Is there any social organization beyond its grasp? Can it be evaded, or controlled, or overcome?

Too many questions? O.K. You could read Newt Gingrich’s book, Trump’s America. An excellent start for intelligent people. Kimberley Strassel’s brilliant Resistance is a must read although her thesis by design doesn’t include the internationalism of the core Left. For the rest of us, here’s the journalist version.

1 It’s a liar!

2 It’s a mega rich liar

3 It’s an expressly anti-Christian and anti-Jewish liar

4 It’s militantly atheist, that is, it persecutes every public expression of religious practice often by the expensive faux-legal harassment of vulnerable groups such as hospitals or schools staffed by nuns or other religious voluntary bodies. George Soros funds weird organisations which threaten their target victims with lawsuits too expensive to defend. The little people buckle and the very law in place to safeguard them is turned into their prosecution unaware. It’s bare-faced. They celebrate it publicly!  Now that’s what real liars can achieve.

5 It cynically propagates naturalistic religion including primitive pagan earth worship idolatry which is how witch doctors lie to savages.

6 It has successfully infiltrated national education from infant schools to university campuses to teach the art of misinformation to the next generation of liars.

7 It does what all invaders do; it first seizes the radio station. Aka, the Media. Why? To lie, and lie, and lie. Stalin taught them all: “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth.” Well, of course it doesn’t but he had millions of families to murder

 Nobody at university has explained to the Right or the Left  what every European understands without need of text books; that the Left (as we now name it) while living in the body democratic is the absolute antithesis of democratic governance. When in power it demands absolute hegemony, and distorts, ignores or subverts any existing rule that threatens its assumed autocratic “rights”. When in opposition it observes one single cause, the complete destruction of the ruling party above it. To that end even the survival of the nation it is supposed to serve is secondary, even irrelevant. Populations new to this philosophy of naked usurpation fail to recognize the Socialist world view. It is exactly that, a world view. There are no countries in Socialism but there is a State, and that state is submerged, deeply submerged. It is the Deep State. Clustered around the blood gouted battlegrounds of the 20th century, from 1914 to 1945 (there happened to be a break  – long enough to let Europe’s now fatherless offspring to mature for 21 years into manhood and cannon fodder.) there appeared four main forms of Deep State, novel and untried, and therefore presumed innocent. There was Russian Bolshevism morphing into Communism; National Socialism (Nazism), Italian Fascism, and Western Socialism. The best account of these mutants can be read in the superb Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg (Another is his erudite Tyranny of the Cliché). Western Socialism evolved into a hybrid creature only possible in the Sates, but it laid eggs there and of these eggs we now write. They hatched out to become the full bodied Deep State phenomenon which stands out so monstrously in the bright and confident ambience of America’s Declaration of liberty -- the declaration that sensible men of old had left without much mention of equality and fraternity, trusting these imponderables to the privacy of good homes under good religion.

No longer invisible, the Deep State is suddenly in direct conflict with the American state, its tentacles attempting to choke the Senate itself. But before engaging this a description of the American political mansion is necessary. It has three branches; executive, legislative, and judicial.

Legislative is the province of Congress which comprises the house of Representatives and the Senate.

Executive is the business of effecting the laws; the President, vice-president, the Cabinet, and federal agencies. The President is also Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Judicial; Finding law; Supreme Court, lesser courts etc.

Overall there is a system said to provide checks and balances which permits each branch to respond to the activity of the other branches. Respond to but not to control the others.

Congress has two parts. The Senate and the House of Representatives. There are 100 senators, two per State. There are 435 elected Representatives and additional non-voting delegates from the District of Columbia and the territories.

The present imbroglio can be described in a few paragraphs. The Democrats control the House of Representatives. The Republicans easily control the Senate. The first frames the laws the second affirms or dismisses them.

From the first days of Donald Trump’s entry into the race for the White House his enemies had decided to impeach him and drive him from running for office or from office should he be voted in. The impeachment fantasy finally moved into real time just days before Christmas. After all, pesky Trump would insist in putting Christ into it. And this farce is what sets American naivete in stark contrast to the world weary vision of the Brits. For when the house of representatives staged their show we had seen it all during the Stalin days. All the State had to do was make the accusation and the fraudulent witnesses and court officials wrote the script.

This is exactly what the Democrats did under the direction of their House Speaker, one Nancy Pelosi. This aged crone has an enamelled face which her degenerating facial muscles can’t cope with. Her transplants rattle in her shrivelled gums and her hair was never grown on her own scurvy scalp. The chairman of the Judiciary Cttee of the House, Jerold Nadler, is a Dickensian creep whose cowed face betrays the shame of profitable servility; ugly, rubber nosed and furtive of eye. He mutters and suddenly expostulates, then, muffle-voiced, dissolves into whispered incoherence again.

Adam Schiff is a robotic Democrat on the intelligence quorum whose unnaturally unblinking eyes seem to have been stitched open. His toneless voice lags a nano-second behind his lips. A strident harridan speaks nasally at an inhumanly high pitch at staccato speeds. One after another these grotesque personalities replay Parisian Grande Guignol theatricals from the same script handed on from one puppet to the next to speak. This is not to indulge in cruel caricatures. America’s mahogany dressed debating chamber was obviously constructed for something much better. Few of the President Trump accusing members are worth naming for an English readership.

Considering the impeachment process! It cannot succeed. Sure the House of Representatives contrived a kangaroo court but its findings must proceed to the Senate which, being mainly Republican, will dismiss them. So why indulge in the charade? Because this is classical Left wing methodology. They lie, they smear opponents. Their tame media covers and embellishes the propaganda while ignoring any hint of factual reporting. Then they repeat the process; again and again and again. The game is to feed the mindless frenzy of an enraged voting base. It also supplies muck to throw at opponents. Consider also this little observed fact; many Left wing supporters are emotionally driven, either out of jealousy of successful fellow citizens, or out of unresolved conflicts that produce anger and indulge a spirit of destructive rebellion. Of course there is an important place for a political faction that concentrates on group needs in contrast to power that supports natural hierarchies of effort and success. The point here is that such a party no longer exists in America. If anything, Trump’s economy rests largely on group concerns. The Republicans have taken up the Democratic slack.

Meanwhile, the entire prosecution case rests on a comment made by an un-named foreigner which was overheard by an agent paid by the FBI who under questioning admitted it was vague  hearsay. The overheard bar gossip himself has been formally described as a whistle-blower (which offers him some official protection as a State witness) but he remains anonymous. Then it transpires that the “whistleblower” has no such cover since he was a paid agent of other anti-Trump plotters who just happen to be Hilary Clinton, then running for the Presidency against Mr. Trump. It further emerges that her great patron in the plot was the then President Mr. Barak Obama. Now the combined U.K. media would have gone wild over such a staggering political expose; a drama which vies with the wildest conspiracies in world history.

But scarcely a word of this was published by the major U.S. titles. You stand back astounded. Now we are witnessing a State-controlled and near universal treason against the President and the people who voted him into office. The big question must be; Who are the people who own and run CNN and the others? The second is more abstract but what private organization can defend the population against the national information services which are blatantly lying to the readers? Is there any redress ?

Suddenly Trump's genius is seen in his immediate by-passing of the entire Media by using the most basic new social media outlet – Tweeter! The 80s novel The Professor’s List was pre-social media. The professor of the title was defended by his students who used lipstick and toilet-paper to tear apart the media information curtain.

Back to impeachment; the whole context of the gossip distorted chat concerned what Mr Trump said to the premier of the Ukraine in a phone link-up. Mr. Trump provided the official transcript of what he really did say to the Ukrainian premier which proved that he had said nothing wrong whatsoever. There is no case whatsoever for impeaching the President. The media knew that. The Media ignored that. The main media outlets actually continued to regurgitate and magnify the official narrative of the leading Democrats aka Socialists. Nowhere on the planet, even in Nazi Germany or in the Soviet empire of Stalin has such a phenomenon obtained. Nowhere, but that it exists as this is written in the so called Land of the Free should stagger every journalist on earth.

To compound the fraudulence of the “trial” the FBI bosses were discovered altering evidence and lying to authorities in order to set the full panoply of Federal Investigation powers against their own President -- to wire tap and entrap the man in his own home. On top of this another major player on the democrat payroll and member of the Clinton/Obama claque had actually bribed Ukrainian officials with millions of taxpayers’ dollars to have a prosecutor sacked who was investigating the rascal’s bent son who was given a sinecure worth millions by the same regime. The bribe was paid, the lawyer sacked and Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son continued to pick up a massive salary for doing the only thing he can do by training, which is nothing. Who is Joe Biden? As this is published he is running for leadership of the Democrats, that is, to become another Democrat President, like Bill Clinton and Barak Obama. Squeaky clean according to the press corps.

At this point any sane participant in the farce would have curled up and drifted off like a dried up leaf; either that or committed suicide. But not the Democrats. Utterly unfazed they continue to mouth the same astounding falsehoods, couched in ever increasing hyperbole and rhetorical flatulence. One amazing revelation was that nobody on the Republican side realized that the Democrats had never contemplated any kind of coherence in the charade publicized nationwide as a creditable effort at impeaching the President. Even had they made a minimal semblance of a case everybody knew that the Senate itself, massively held by Republicans would crush it. Again, how could they be surprised when the Democrats revealed they had no intention of bringing the case to a conclusion by passing the silly findings on ? That would have exonerated the President completely. No, all the Communist Left (the spine of the Deep State beast) ever seeks to do is to accuse. The lie is the technique. Smearing the intention, and if by chance they seize power, they return, even after years, to execute the innocent .

This further reveals the second element, the slave media. All but a few mainline U.S. newspapers and broadcasting outlets are in masonic control. UK people cannot begin to conceive of the posturing hypocrisy of the American press. Elsewhere I have given examples of their anti-religious hysteria which reached unimaginably sick levels in recent offensives against the RC Church. 90 newspapers in California regurgitated over 2,000 news items concerning clerical pedophilia only a handful of cases of which had resulted in convictions, but in response to State official data concerning serious and regular child sexual abuse in educational establishments the 90 newspapers printed FOUR items of news. That is all but four of ninety odd papers even looked at the facts. Four printed items!

Now previous American governments were controlled by the Democrats but they were not the Democratic party as understood by voters in the thirties ages group. That was the age of nice Hollywood movies, daring rock ‘n roll dancing, the Everly Brothers and Frank Sinatra with some of his own hair left on. Democrats like St. Patrick’s day parades, Christmas carols and Nativity cribs in public squares. Grid iron football teams knelt in pre-match prayers and everybody placed his hand over his heart in reverence when they played the national anthem on big brass bands.

Do you recall little children coming home subdued from infant school with wide-eyed reports of a weird new kind of Armageddon where the earth is over-heating because daddy works in the local car factory. Lisping warnings that everybody including mummy is going to get burnt alive – the innocent harbingers of what we soon were schooled to speak of as “man made global warming”? A Left wing loser in the U.S. presidential elections, Al Gore, was recruited by the Deep State to front a planet wide propaganda stunt that has now so permeated the species homo sapiens that “sapiens” for wise has been displaced by “Sap” for Patsy.

Population control by pseudo ethics perhaps began with a pair of quacks in a unobstrusive American township called Helena. They came back from a revival meeting in which the evil of tobacco addiction had been outed and they put it about that miracles took place in their dingy medical practice immediately patients were counselled to stop smoking. An alert psychology major at a nearby technical college claimed he had stats to support them and the nonsense went viral as the saying has it. Needless to say the Deep State lent the spoof to the Democrats who suspected Republicans were being funded by tobacco barons and in jig time millions of smokers were standing in the rain outside of their own homes trying to light a sodden cigarette in the seasonal breeze. Note how the mass indoctrination was based on the sensitivity and politeness of the common man. They convinced him that even smoking near another person caused cancer. Utter baloney of course. But we’re a basically polite species when not being stuck in uniforms and told to politely defend our neighbours.

How about the gold standard of gibberish dogmatics? Screwtape the sneaky demon of C. S. Lewis’s masterpiece would have choked on this lie, as would any self-respecting Devil; the utter bollocks that carbon dioxide is a virulent atmosphere pollutant! Seriously! Successive British Prime Ministers in the U.K. were in an ecstasy to sign up the nation to industrial ruination by zipping manufacturers into a legislative strait-jacket limiting carbon emissions to the point where you can’t make anything more complex than a box of water. And what is carbon dioxide? (for those of us who were asleep at the back of chemistry class). Why it is one of the absolutely essential components of plant and animal life; without it there can be no grass or grasshoppers, manufacturers or shoppers … or scientists, or American Democrats or even well-meaning dimwits like Boris Johnson who thinks he is a Conservative over here in Blighty. So much for the earlier manifestations of what has risen centre stage like a pantomime Mephistopheles, the Deep State.

There is an element of incongruity in the emergence of the sinister entity into the still innocent ambience of American politics. The implication intended is not of moral innocence, rather it’s of the unencumbered youthfulness of the whole New World experiment in which Founding Fathers seem like enthusiastic backwoodsmen with school primers in their hide satchels sneaking cribs from their English betters; profound political theorists like Edmund Burke or Prime Minister Peel. Indeed the analogy doesn’t insult the rough and ready men who framed the wonderful Declaration of Independence. Much of their genius was in the near mystical sensitivity and balance with which they steered safely between the submerged rocks of the French guillotine idealists and murderous abstractists who invented moral relativity on one side, and the preening pretentiousness of the English Commons on the other side, who hold the commoners in sneaking contempt. This aging aristocracy had become too refined through generations of privilege to admit the stink of its true provenance, the founding bullies, thieves, and thugs from whom they sprang when the Reformation chaos settled down at last.

 Anyway, here is the crux of this present expose. The Democrats or to call them out, the Extreme Left Wing Socialist Party in the United States of America has discovered how to destroy the Declaration of Independence and replace it with international Marxist Freemasonry. The new party has also discovered how to neuter the system of governance contrived by the wise  founders of the new nation. These men, whether Christian or Agnostic could not conceive of a world view which absolutely abandoned Natural Law (from the publication of which the very birth of the American nation first arose) or to consider the real ramifications of political and social atheism. None of the Founding Fathers could conceive of a philosophy that denied the existence of right and wrong. None among them could imagine the full blown insanity that proceeds from the chaotic formulae of moral relativism.

So in a nutshell, this happened. A burly businessman lumbered into the presidential electoral competition for voters. He was an absurdity because he was so obviously a businessman and, in America, too normal for comment. Also he was bumbling about trying to look like a politician at the hustings. Worse, he couldn’t even begin to sound the way politicians sound. He kept letting the truth out of the bag. It was cringe-making. I’ll get everybody back to work, he said. And he said, I will build a wall to keep cheap labour out of the millionaire’s kitchens , He said other things too ghastly to repeat in a journalist’s item. But really what happened was that an ordinary big, loud man such as holds court at the beer bar had got mixed up with professionally absurd people. That’s why he was an absurdity. No other reason.

NOW in ordinary times he would have enjoyed or hated his few hours under public scrutiny. This time a weird thing was coming fully into being, the thing we call Deep State. Everybody in politics, from the New World to old Europe was serving the birthing of the beast. However, one crime was to mention it by name, another crime was to say or do anything that might threaten a successful parturition. Bumbling Mr Trump, Donald Trump, hadn’t a clue about such protocols. He hadn’t the scintilla of a notion what the hell Deep State could possibly be. All he knew was that from East to West national governments were a mess. Of course they could have pointed out that nobody was in the business of governing, that if it was governance you were looking for they were perfectly competent, but since governing was the least of their problems it was little wonder mere silly nations with their dopey populations couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. And why the hell should highly paid, elite politicians give a damn?

Anyway, Trump ploughed on and somehow or other won the presidency of the American people. But he remains a monster just by being human in an array of grotesques. And they obviously think he's the odd one.


  • And now beyond America the push for One World Government has begun in earnest. Three groups are comfortable with the terms of membership; Communist, Masonic, and rich half-educated idealism. It should be noted that idealism is a psychologically identified mental or emotional aberration. George Soros is certainly a rich fellow traveler. Psychologists can decide the rest.
  • Shortly after resigning as boss of all the Soviet Empire Gorbachev took over a non-governmental lobby at the U.N. It’s powerful executive arm is the sinister Green Cross. Gorby with the weird mark on his forehead proclaimed: “Honouring the earth creates the basis of real unity. Once these principles (rituals and rubrics?) are codified in international law, transgressors will be punished WITHOUT FAIL!” Indeed! Note “international law” or “genuine unity” or “principles”. But “transgressors” and “punished without fail!” Mr. Trump doesn’t know just what he is kicking up the arse.
  • Yes, yes; and British parliamentarians also hold the British people in contempt – a truth clearly exposed by their desperate efforts to thwart the population’s demand recently to break free from the European Union. British voters are not among the political sophisticates of the nations but they can tell when trade restrictions, PC red tape, and power interference makes life intolerable. In direct opposition politicians from all across the spectrum were willing to sacrifice every scruple (including loyalty to their leaders), even to the ultimate madness of paralyzing government operations to the point of forcing a general election which swept most of them into political oblivion. “Death before honour” as it were. In light of all of this the American hate-all media problem seems a minor one. After all yesterday’s newspaper is for packing glassware in cardboard boxes when you are moving home or for lighting the barbecue cooker at your new place.

Anyway Johnson is another bumbler and so far he’s doing an ok job. Mr. Trump could make a man of him.














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