Does any grouping of people in the Free World trust God today? The Divine power is certainly given a mention in the various national mottoes and anthems of the nations. The good old party in the United States probably gives the Lord a bit more than most; they seem to mean it when they proclaim "In God We Trust!", and the average Republican is fairly open about his Christianity while publicly defending toleration of other religions. The Democrats, like the Labour Party in the U.K., began as believers in God, and, in the cause of seeking justice for the Common Man against exploitation by the powerful, they assumed that Jesus taught that the first involved the second: that is, true worship of God required love of one's neighbour. The matter was not open to debate. Them's the ground rules. In fact the leathery old guys who formulated the elegant political masterpiece they call The Constitution of the United States of America warned that their mysteriously successful Republic was grounded on Christian values and could not be kept without them. If you think about it, the father of Free Trade, Adam Smith, insisted that Capitalism, as such, depended upon the same theological foundation. Whether the man is a worshiping, God-fearing Christian, or holds by Natural Law (Decalogue), or merely assumes that such rules are hard wired in humanity, he left an historical record of a basic understanding of reality, that anything which humanity constructed must self-destruct without recognition of rules set by that Higher Power. Few thinkers in the story of Man have proposed the purpose of conscience to be other than a sense of their Creator's will. “Unless the Lord builds the house the builder labours in vain.” The Bible.

All that is a given in sane debate. Then a phenomenon of the human psyche "evolved" which is the absolute antithesis of that “given”. This contradiction is not confined to political philosophy as taught in the schools but to the entire body of ethics and morality as are espoused by mainstream religions. Nor is the antipathetic intolerance of deistic spirituality satisfied with intensive negative propaganda, it advocates physical violence at unimaginable levels of genocidal hatred, direct and malevolent as in Stalinist and Nazi purges of millions of men, women and children, but also forms of societal genocide as with abortion (whose infant victims are quite beyond counting today). Russia and China are self-destructing by abortion with America and Europe catching up. Passive population erosion is denuding nearly all advanced cultures by materialist temptation to limit births. A massive form of passive genocide.

This alien, atheist spirit was actually among us from the start but it was confined to the darker states of human desire and imagining. It was the denial of the Creator, of the power that all men have everywhere and always called God. At first it was a denial of what was; a sort of "non serviam!" moan of rebellion by those who felt it better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.  Even the denial (proposed as that of the fool), "Non est Deus." God doesn't exist, was just a blank refusal to consider the ramifications of such a proposition. But the evolved atheism which has invaded the very essence of human cognition, from East to West, is that God is a sop for the uneducated, an emotional crutch for fools or gullible masses. The first religion of Denial sneered at Christianity as an opiate. That powerful world religion is called Communism, its basic philosophy is Marxism (after a co-founder). The scriptural "Insipiens in corde sua dixit non est Deus" has been set on its head and now only the fool declares God.

For any journalist this controversy has long moved from debating chamber to the streets. It is also the news story supreme. It is so big it has become invisible. This little essay attempts to throw powder over the miasma to make its outlines visible, little else. To unpick its fabric is the stuff of the arachnids of myth.

Mankind as an activity grouping, that is the women and men whose intricate affairs are regulated by norms of behavour day by day tend to identify three ruling authorities; personal, ethical, and legal. The first is proposed as conscience, an innate or learned set of behavoural principles the violation of which results in emotional discomfort or visible disadvantage to other people affected by our "abnormal" acts. The second is the Church or its like. The third is Government. The thrust here concerns governments; to be explicit, politics, politicians, and the people. The question is; can Government exist without God. It is a serious question and it has never been more pertinent – or more blatantly avoided.

Only God knows God. So said Jesus who claimed to be the Revelation of God to his creatures. God in his Divinity is unseen however. So how did the ancient Hebrew tribe know of Him before Christ? How could they prophesy the coming of Christ (Messiah) ages beforehand?More intriguingly, how did a nondescript band of primitive sand ramblers without industrial skills or significant military accomplishment engulf the entire planet in its ten point philosophy; a philosophy devoid of philosophical methodology. The Hebrew Decalogue goes like this: Do it or else! And the implied threat involves more than human constraint. It is God Almighty who redresses evildoing. Consider this; Jew or Christian! If you defy God unrepentantly you can go to hell. There is no end to hell. Check up a few Google sites on demonic possession and exorcism. The wise suggest you engage Roman Catholic authorities. Oh, and because this is all factual whether you are identified by any or no religion you will be judged. Only real, invincible ignorance can be an excuse in evading Divine justice. So Hitler and Stalin have it all to come it seems. Pol Pot too. Journalists also!

But how did the Hebrews know God? Their record in this regard is detailed, exhaustive. They asked for stuff and God gave them it. Like Christmas presents or birthday gifts. All well and good. But God did something they didn’t enjoy. When they persisted in breaking the big rules, God clobbered them. From being the most naturally free and confident of tribes in the ancient world they would suddenly find themselves slaves. In fact when they were first identified as a nation they were already slaves of the Egyptians. Then they found God. There was this Egyptian prince, secret son of a Hebrew woman. He gets into a punch up with an Egyptian bully, a subsequent murder rap has him outlawed. There’s desert hide outs, and a bush with a voice message that he had to excuse the entire tribe and free them from slavery. "let my people go" said the voice in the bush (which was on fire but unconsumed). The whole shenanigans should have evaporated like last week’s mana in the desert sun. There followed a war of wizards in Pharoah's court, plagues, rivers of blood, creepy crawlies, and locusts. But the tribe broke free and grew and grew and grew until it took the military and mercantile power of ancient Rome to subdue and finally disperse those disadvantaged clans God told him to lead. That was Moses. He was discovered by a rich bitch in a floating basket among crocodile infested waters. What a story! Google as well The Jewish Wars by Josephus. The Catholic Church teaches that "salvation comes from the Jews". Wow!

In fact the Rome versus Jerusalem affair was the most terrible genocide of the old world. There are still Jews though, despite the most atrocious genocidal effort of the modern age as well. That was their last enslavement. It was a murderous attempt to starve and work the entire people to death. To this day the skeletons of men, women and babes are being dug up from shallow graves. Germany and some of Europe is a Jewish boneyard. But the ancient people remain. And that is also mysterious. They have no worship centre left. No centralised religion. No spiritual leaders such as their timeless code demands, but aged four thousand years old and then some they persist. It is not possible scientifically. Has God abandoned them? Obviously not or they would have blown away in the winds of history. Maybe they have … well whatever! The oldest organisation left on earth is the Catholic Church, battered and dishevelled in the war against "the Devil, the World, and the Flesh. She insists that God will never abandon the Jews. This little historical intervention is part of the proof of an unseen power. The tale of the impossible being actual. There is evidence that the entire Family of Man is slipping into slavery and ultimate annihilation as Marxism, masonry, and selfish greed envelop the globe in a poisonous atheism. Who today can claim ignorance of Moses Ten Commandments given by God? Have Masons and Marxists really managed to hide their agendas?

The scariest signpost to God is what happens when we go up against his ten rules to defy Him. Appalling, horrendous catastrophe … like World War 1 and World War 11, Hiroshima, Nagasaki,  Stalin’s pograms, Nazi death camps, abortion etc. There seem to be no exceptions. Yet another weird indication of what follows the implied death of God. It is the death of sanity, and what goes with insanity is dishonesty. The Devil is the accuser of God and the Devil, men have stoutly maintained, is the Father of Lies.

This sparse, trivial, journalistic enquiry nevertheless begs a response however un-authoritative. Why? Because the subject is as real as a soccer match and the right response may be as vital for our survival as honest politics, a fair and balanced media, or even religion. By comparison, the silly fad of global warming is as relevant as the fairytale of the Three Bears. You can identify a dimwit by the response to three questions; is global warming disastrous? does passive smoking kill? and should governments cripple their industries trying to prevent carbon gas emissions? Thus, the amazing proliferation of lies and the gullibility of unthinking people.

Let’s begin with the immediate problem of lies, or put simply the curse of the atheist Left Wing. Immediately the spotlight is on the Democrat Party of the U.S.A.  You can be pretty confidant that the best journalists in the States are working for Fox News. Of course there are highly professional reporters scattered around in the continent’s thousands of titles. As always it is the head of the fish that begins the rot. For example, witness a Mr. Jeff Zucker the fat controller of CNN, America’s ubiquitous national TV station. No, correction! Although one glimpse of this grotesque glutton speaks of bullying self-interest and power grovelling, it is the embarrassing cavorting of his TV anchor teams which first elicits our abhorrence. If a skilled production firm of film casting professionals were to select such appropriate characters to play creepy villains they would sweep the Oscars. An airforce fast jet pilot admitted he actually turned away whenever a broom-handle thin anchor woman gesticulated with nervous horror whenever President Trump’s name came up. Mindless prejudice! It is grotesque. It’s a sinister fact that almost without exception Left wing supporting outlets, press or cable, are inveterate, unashamed liars. A lie is refuted before the public. It is immediately repeated as if it has been validated. It is a partisan dog whistle. It is justifiable in an atmosphere of bigotry! One horrid old hag with a chemically enhanced face which is more enamel than flesh leads a House of Representatives action of impeachment against President Trump. The Constitution's rules demand that there must be a criminal case to answer and that members of all parties must agree and initiate the action. It remained purely partisan and there was no criminal cause whatsoever. The majority in the house of representatives were Left wingers so the charade went ahead despite inevitable dismissal at Senate level. Why? To ensure constant and widespread smearing of President Trump for propagation by a corrupt press corps. Then came the insane comment from the harridan, one Nancy Spelosi, "We impeached him. He remains impeached till he dies." The entire leading caucus of the Left continues to publish that preposterous mantra. "President Trump is guilty because we don't deem him to be innocent whether or not we can't prove it." Guilty of what? Who cares? We got the lie published didn't we? America is in serious trouble as law erodes. There's a reason why British politicians learned the art of what Churchill called: "Terminological inexactitudes.

Test this on Youtube. At least three main Fox channels specialise in guying the absurdities and contradictions of other stations. The successful formula could not be avoided. Hilaire Belloc’s comedy verse could offer the general explanation.

“Mathilda told such dreadful lies it made one gasp and stretch one’s eyes. Her aunt who from her earliest youth had kept a strict regard for truth attempted to believe Mathilda. The effort very nearly killed her.”

English politicians of either shade retain to some extent a hesitation about being caught out in a direct lie. The House of Commons has perfected a mode of subtle evasion which may be the envy of the Devil himself. The English public school since the Reformation has not instilled moral honesty in its alumni, rather the horror of being found out. It’s an expensive education.

But America holds that a sacred tenet of its foundational constitution is freedom of speech. Of course the law of the land distinguishes freedom of expression from a licence to slander or to permit rabble rousers to disturb the peace. The problem arises when a proportion of the population suspends reason on partisan grounds and blindly embraces any falsehood which advances its interests. Since nearly all political debate is held in the glare of the media (save that which the deep State prefers to keep hidden) politicians face a noisy challenge to their commitment to Free Speech. The overall result is like a return to English 18th century Hustings and Rotten Burghs, with bribes, cudgels, beer and slander. The news as Newshawk publishes this article is  dominated by the rent-a-mob yowling orchestrated by a  Left Wing fraud called Chuck Schumer.

He led his banner carriers to the steps of the supreme Court to threaten  the very lives of two recently appointed High Court Judges whom the Left atheist faction suspect might influence the preposterous Wade v Roe abortion licence law. That law was written by the House of Representatives and endorsed by the Senate as a peoples’ protection of privacy. The majority of justices re-read that simple legislation to mean that babies in the womb could be dismembered and hoovered into trash bags. The majority in the court had been placed by succeeding Left wing, atheist administrations. Clinton's and Obama's. 

So now the Democrats see nothing treasonable in calling for mob assassinations of two good judges. Chesterton remarked that when people get used to unreason injustice no longer shocks them. Rather like whom the gods wish to ruin they first drive mad.

One of those brilliant men, Justice Kavanaugh had to endure months of slanderous accusations before being acquitted. After the acquittal testimony was admitted by witnesses who provided unarguable proof on his behalf. But not before another wave of malign lies were broadcast by the main media outlets; that he had been involved in a gang rape.. He proved his innocence by the almost forgotten art of keeping a daily diary, which he had carefully made a habit of doing from his schooldays. Oh, and the terrible accusation of sexual promiscuity had been expertly laid before the entire house of representatives by a neurotic woman obviously wrecked by her ordeal … in their childhood. Yes. Same area, different schools. She couldn’t say where the event (a drinks party) took place or exactly when, nor could she remember how she got there or who drove her home although she’d had just one beer. All but Fox news and a few other outlets ran with such slanderous muck for weeks. 

But this heroic man stood before the foul politicians and his response is the most powerful “j’accuse” in the history of civilisation. It is our shame and our undeserved reward that it is fully on record and part of our English speaking culture. It is a dreadful warning of where lies made sacred by flawed philosophy and evil politicians lead to. It is a lamp for our behaviour in times to come. Hear! Hear, sir!

Less fortunate has been Cardinal George Pell who is awaiting judgment in a final appeal against convictions of sexual abuse of minors. The prosecution case which has survived an earlier appeal at State level seems to be unraveling as the highest court in Australia begins to ask some obvious questions. One commentator reports: "The crown's case is collapsing under the weight of its own malicious absurdity."

Kerry Judd QC, Director of Public Prosecutions, a smarty-pants right on Ms. who first convicted the elderly Cardinal said this under questioning: "If this line of reasoning (the Appeal judges') is to be accepted, then the fear of not believing victims will have been allowed to cripple the rule of law." The rule of law includes such principles as a person's innocence until guilt is proven -- beyond reasonable doubt. Judd assumes that PC victimism is the new rule of law. She is a silk, a Queen's Counsel. How many poor bastards are lying in Australian jails? You may wonder how such a clown rose to such heights in the Australian legal system. Well that's what the Left does in its efforts to create chaos and pull down governments in order to create the new world order. That is why Brett Kavanaugh's heroic stand against creeps like Schumer is so critical to the survival of the Republic. It is why Schumer took his rabble up the steps of the Supreme Court to bellow destruction of justices who threaten perceived Democrat hegemony. If you can't grasp this, consider the saintly Cardinal's plight. He is still in solitary confinement and has been for many months. The hatred of Christianity by the Left is murderous and implacable. It has already spread its virus infections into Western education. It has silently poisoned the United Kingdom. America may be the world.s last hope short of Divine intervention. Saddest of all is the silence of the world media in the filthy face of such deadly injustice. Americans have been staggered by the Socialist Fake News of CNN and the likes! It's a world problem. High time wealthy Conservatives bought out some titles. The enemy once through the gates, seizes the radio station. If you can't get it back set up a better one.

'But this essay must come to an end. The conclusion is that if God does not exist and is not guiding us (if we care to heed Him) then the Devil does. G. K. Chesterton wrote that it may be hard to perceive the hand of God in our affairs but he couldn’t understand how anybody could miss the presence of the Devil.

Left wing equals lies. The demons are by nature Sinistra. The Latin means "sinister"!

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