Stop press: Lockdown panic had no effect on number of deaths. It is a huge mistake and will result in more deaths than any saving of lives by many factors. Epidemologists are feeding us incorrect figures. Michael Levitt, Nobel Laureat, Stamford University research into Covid-19:

Stop press: We provide estimates of the death toll in the absence of any known policies and show that these strategies (lockdown and social distancing) might not have saved any lives in Western Europe.  Thomas AJ. Meunier. Woods Hall Oceanographic Institute.


Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it's the creed of slaves.*

And so mankind’s daily labour has been brought to a paralytic halt by a handful of medical meddlers led by the criminal Deep State stethoscoper, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who announced it’s necessary we hand them tyrannical control of our lives so that they and politico/scientists can examine the latest fascinating flu-type bug – at their lordly convenience of course. That means everybody on earth is suddenly their personal laboratory rat and must stay caged up till lifted out for chemical injections, micro-chip identity implants (courtesy Bill Gates and big Pharma) and other such scary experiments! Incidentally, the places of isolation/imprisonment happen to be our own homes, whether rented or bought and paid for.

This discourse with the new medical leadership is exclusive to Newshawk ... 1984 Newspeak translation available from NHS & WHO

  • If everybody is free to come and go how can scientists discover who is sick, who is not sick, and who may, perhaps, become sick. Science must know such basic things, otherwise… anyway it is necessary we stop people dying of Chinaflu, whatever it takes! 
  • But if the world stops going to work entire populations must starve to death in jig time! We’re talking BILLIONS! Real statistics! And that includes America, South America, Africa, and swathes of Scotland and even England. Starvation is ongoing and has killed hosts of men, women and little children in recent centuries. What’s a tiny handful of Chinese flu fatalities in comparison? Most fatalities caused by Chinavirus are the very old and sick; mainly people already dying as we all know!
  • That’s an entirely different, if valid, question. It’s to do with the need to cull people as Bill Gates actually prefers; or climate control as required by George Soros and his pet pope person together with Global Village freemasonry and the Clinton Foundation, not to mention the World Health Organisation, its boss United Nations, and the Democrastic Socialist Fascisti of the U.S. led by Whathisname … the one that looks like a Press Club toilet attendant. Schumer? Chuck something! CNN the American TV cable cabal would know. That may be his day job!
  • What happens if we disobey medical practitioners and scientifically incompetent members of Parliament?
  • Well the police or army or both will drag you off to jail … without trial at least and you may not necessarily be tagged with a criminal record.
  • Without trial?
  • Of course! You can’t have a trial if you don’t break the law. It’s not official law-breaking if you fail to abide by the humanitarian necessity to sanitise the planet to minimal lab levels in order to let scientists get on with their bug watching. You are just effectively in need of mandated isolation. That is just a sensible alternative to enforced isolation elsewhere. By Elsewhere is meant, for example, State accommodation designed for pandemic fatality control purposes.
  • But that is outrageous NewSpeak like in the political horror story 1984!
  • Fauci scare; cont.
  • It is much more outrageous that people who break Dr. Fauci’s rules are killing their neighbours!
  • Killing my neighbours? You MUST be jesting!
  • Oh dear no! If you sneeze or go two yards closer to another citizen she or he or whatever its sexual oriented choice of personal pronouns apply, could catch the Chinese flu and definitely die according to probable statistical forecasts! On top of that, if populations fail to become habituated against proximity lax social relationships how can personal micro-chip health security ID implants be traced. Invigilators are unable to identify individuals electronically if they are huddled together. A person can become untraceable in a closely herded group.
  • If I inadvertently touch somebody too heavily with my car he could also die; so I don’t drive insanely. There are hundreds of ways to die and the statistics are all published. Chinese bug fatalities are so insignificant they don’t appear among the first hundred causes of death in the last four months. The 20th cause of death in the last three months is Birth. Are they going to ban copulation? In fact every MD on earth has been issued with novel death certificates designed to falsify fatality stats. For example if a man dies during brain cancer surgery and had recently recovered from Chinese flu contamination, indicating the anti-body by which his own body was enabled to kill it, then the surgeon is legally forced to record death as another Chinese bug victim. And so further exaggeration is made official in order to convince us all that EVERYTHING must be done to force people to follow orders.
  • Anyway that is as may be but you can’t become an enemy of the State if you simply follow orders. And by the way you are spreading information damaging to necessity and humanitarian good behaviour. We call that dis-information and the various social network controllers have been instructed to auto-remove all such invidious inquiry or information searches that might spread alarm and despondency among the general populace. Now that is really a crime and offenders will be reported to SWAT and local police forces who may already be tracing death deniers via their cell phones and by government drone which you can clearly hear but mistook for a neigbour mowing his lawn. A perfect example of why lawn mowing is also an anti-rule offence. The silencing of lawn mowing is to your advantage. You can hear drones overhead and race indoors before you get photographed and tagged. So sensible! And consider this; If State agents nab you (often on neighbourly tip-offs) you are not really being arrested and jailed without trial so much as being culturally constrained to accommodate the necessary obligations owed to your community. Your nice authorities are cultural liberators and enablers. It is wrong for you to, as Archbishop Nichols of England accused his flock, “stew in self pity”.
  • But surely people in democratic countries (unlike Scotland, China, North Korea, and the major Marxist land masses) are free to come and go and eat out, visit or get work attended to as they see fit? Whatever the evil pigmy, Dr. Fauci, dictates we are not laboratory rats, surely! Yet, my lovely grandchildren are forbidden to visit me. What did they do wrong?
  • For heaven’s sake! Because it IS necessary to be SCIENTIFIC! A scientist prefers full laboratory type control in order properly to examine bugs.
  • So let them go to their laboratories!
  • Enough! It is the world consensus rule that in times of necessity our minor personal demands must be compromised to save the lives of the vulnerable – whatever the cost, even if it entails an earlier than planned global eugenics program launch. There is already a planetary surfeit of populations computed at a level above multi millions of people. That’s a lot of unnecessary baggage for the species to carry as Mr Bill Gates, Mr. George, Sorros, and Messrs. Bill/Hilary Clinton aver. Other pro-abortion and baby body part sales enthusiasts supporting Chinabug enclosures include The United Nations, its major NGOs, together with the World Health Organisation, (Chinese and Western branch offices), Geof Sachs, Pope Bergorgubligan, Church of Anglicanism, Liberal Party/Greens, Bono, Catholic Deconstructionalists, Bishops for privilege and ecclesial survival, and united Atheism and Freemasonry, with University Academic Universalist Authority. 
  • Last word: So what the f... are you unwashed contemptibles going to do about it anyway? Slavery is a Darwinian reality. It's a species survival mechanism advantaging the already advantaged like Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Georg Soros, and Sachs, so suck it up and live with it, Oh, and do what you're told. You are free to stand IN your doorways and applaud.


*Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves. Pitt the Elder. House of Commons speech, London, 1783.

Note; Tyranny is bad as is loss of freedom, but worst of all is that for these two evils to triumph they do so over slavery itself, the slavery of mentally slothful peoples … like us. J. E. B.

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