When the great Parliamentarian. Pitt the Elder, warned his peers in the 18th century of a particularly dirty little trick in the political power game, he surely could not have foreseen it being used to enslave the entire population of planet Earth. But the world of men today is in complete shut-down; paralysed: turned as it were to stone, not by the mythical Hydra but by a single word – NECESSITY! 

Pitt had said this in the House of Commons: 

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom; it is the plea of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves

From spring 2020 until today in early summer the great enterprises of our industrial nations have been forbidden to operate; the factory mills and wheels, all stilled. Entire populations have been ordered into house arrest. Families who were apart when the various political authorities in all the continents whimsically proclaimed a novel form of martial law have had to remain apart. Father doing business in Brussels may not leave his hotel and return to his family in Birmingham. Travelers in foreign lands were forbidden to leave. The elderly languish alone, those in care homes wither in loneliness and many die in fear and depredations of infirmity rendered inevitable as the ridiculous isolation erodes natural anatomical defences such as the auto-immune system. 

The necessity upon which this present calamity has been forced upon once free peoples by their elected leaders and enforced rigorously by police and other security services was magnified by a tiny handful of medical and political enthusiasts. A form of flu virus, labelled Coronavirus 19 or covid19, had been unleashed on the world by Chinese Communist scientists who had concocted it in a germ warfare laboratory in the city of Woohan. Whether or not this disaster was accidental or by malevolent design has not yet been ascertained. What is obvious is that if the virus’s escape across the planet was unintentional then appalling errors of judgment were made by the Chinese Communist regime, and these were then compounded by inexplicable failures in pandemic response procedures by the World Health Organisation. In fact, the WHO at first minimised the threat having delayed action for weeks. 

What is this virus? It is a form of influenza. It is not lethal. Like any disease it can be a secondary cause of death among the infirm. It is also a synthetic or manmade or an adapted bio-form. It has been observed to have no or little effect upon healthy people. At its worst it can cause or inflame pulmonary problems. 

Compared to other infectious diseases it has insignificant effects upon industry. Influenza outbreaks can affect work-forces with sickness absenteeism, or pressurise hospital capacity and overstretch medical capabilities. Coronavirus19 outbreaks have not tested health resources significantly despite massive propaganda that millions must die and health resources brought to the point of exploding. 

But a simple statistic makes a nonsense of the catastrophic consequences forecast by an international over-reaction to the admittedly pandemic outbreak of Covid19.  

European data: Population; 742,000,000.  

Covid19 deaths to date (From April 28 to May 31 2020); 177,000. 

Death rate= 0.02% 

In fact the data since then is being challenged as intentional manipulation of recording methods for this particular virus as a cause of death is being investigated. Some statisticians now suggest a death rate closer to 0.01 %. 

We did not stop the world because getting born is a much bigger killer. Birth asphyxia and trauma came twentieth in the list of fatalities this year. Death by Covid 19 is not even on the list compiled by WHO: Cause Specific Mortality estimates. Influenza is ten times worse and Tuberculosis (Yes. TB) even more. Aids is a far more deadly problem. Nobody suggests the necessity to kill the world’s economies for these. 

Why? Why the sinister over-reaction? 

How was such a massive international lock-step effect contrived? 

Who is organising it? 

What levers of influence exist that can subject every free world government to conform? 

Which power sources and powerful individuals have propagated the universal infringement of our natural and God given rights to freedom – to the extent of subjecting every world population to house arrest under threat of criminal conviction and imprisonment? 

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 Any unreasonable social irruption can occur for a number of unintended reasons, for example the propagation of a supposed public threat through social media gossip, but the instinctive reaction by authority is to calm things down for fear of public disorder. 

It’s not unknown for power factions to exacerbate panic in order to damage opponents or gain some advantage during periods of disorder and flux. 

But it has never been known in world history for a conspiracy of powerful individuals to gain control of world governments and their peoples by creating a public health threat, propagating and exaggerating its effects, systematically and closely controlling media propaganda to optimize public distress and ultimately to reduce individuals to slavish surrender of personal rights. 

This is exactly the observed “machinery” of the Covid 19 pandemic world shut-down. 

The pernicious bug with the fancy name began life in an American laboratory, not in China. The U.S. department of security stopped the experiments. To continue is a serious breach of law. These names were connected to the enterprise.

Dr. William Fauci who spent very little time in practical medicine but rocketted to success in the academic/political World of those societies that run and profit from government funding and licensing of health enterprises. Thousands of these orbit the United Nations like planets around an alien sun. There are influential Non Government Organisations (NGOs), many interface with public and private funding interests, few of which have no interest in quid pro quo expectations. Fauci pushes his opinions on the Church even beyond withholding permission to attend. Receiving the sacred host in communion is not to his liking. And such a negligible figure in adult company!

William Gates,  the multi-billionaire owner of Microsoft which could be described as the wheels of IT and operating facilitator of all the world’s computer operations. Despite the admen, Bill invented very little if anything in the alternative universe of Microchip en Laptopville. Someone else did that and Bill, somehow, acquired the rights as they say. He is from a shifty genetic line, his parentage quite at home with Margaret Sangster and acquainted with Adolf Hitler and other science obsessed Eugenicists. Baby body parts industries like planned parenthood are stoutly defended by Bill whose personal dream it is to insert micro-chips into the flesh of every living human being (by Government mandate) in order, not to just to vaccinate and record annual vaccination upgrades (for massive profit) but also to release into our DNA genetical alterations which will limit life expectancy and so preserve the planet from over-populating itself. He is on video record admitting this much. 

Clinton Foundation: (Note to printer; take in most of the above) Money moves silently between the U.N. and the foundation. Although external funding has dried up a bit since neither of the Clintons controls priority White House court privileges now to offer people with cash to stash. But in the Deep State, clients can still find profitable networking services in the Foundation. 

George Soros; another man too rich to count his loot, shares Gate’s abhorrence of infant proliferation and with all of his set abhors Christianity even more. Roman Catholicism has recently become one of his special interests but that hinges always on the present Pope’s continuing interest in Freemasonry and its dream of a One World Family of Man, and non deistic universal religion. Real Popes would exorcise any part of the Church he touched with his coat tails. George has a magic touch with money. By gripping hard to his own cash he gathers in billions from the U.N. which he then uses to fund anti-religious litigation. He offers aid as well to the kind of activists associated (unbeknown to him!) with deadly pandemics of street rioting, arson, and urban terrorism generally. Let one American black man be killed and friendly agents can get every town on earth “lit up” between dusk and dawn.  (Unbeknown to Mr. Soros). 

Geoffrey Sachs, title "University Professor" (Seriously? He is a docens of the science succinctly titled "University". So he holds a PhD in "University"?) Actually it's not a university in which he has the chair of "University"; it is the Earth Institute which is the Vatican of Sustainable Development. He additionally expressly advocates against "human poverty", an interest which exists effortlessly with the foundation's real programme of Eugenics or population culling. He has pope Bergubligan (spell?) in his wallet. Anyway, who doesn't?

Fake News; This is a recent phenomenon in the national media which Left-Wing and anarchist political interests have bought into. They gain financial advantages in unstable government and need the press for this. Masonic and Marxist influences are often harnessed in these misinformation enterprises; for example most young graduate entrants in journalism are deeply inculcated in Marxist cultural norms by their universities, as in fact is a significant section of the Western "educated" class. Atheism has become the norm, and any identification of honesty or truth with what was once considered “good character” is practically non existent. Values are simplistic conceptions of “winners” and “losers”.  Together with a universal political given that the end justifies the means, authenticity has no meaning. TV channels such as CNN in the States make hypocritical claims of Fact-Checking and rigorous research discipline but the Anchor men and women are employed only for their ability to tell whopping lies without blinking. This, allied to the American idolatrous worship of free speech, has, first, fudged then obliterated the margins of honest and accurate reporting, and a licence to distort facts, or invent “narratives”. Logical debate has been replaced with limitless besmirching, smearing and despoiling of opposition personalities. TV discussion forums are mindless shouting matches with pejorative abstractions and universals replacing objectively testable opinions. Recently a TV panelist bested by a Conservative lady with a superior range of epithets and an articulate, if piercing, delivery, mistakenly strutted out of her own studio. It seems she was so unsettled by defeat in this novel form of debate she became confused. That was the celebrity actress Whoopee Goldberg. Ms Goldberg is unprepossessing for an Afro-American (most are pleasantly photogenic). What added to the intrigue was the marked differences in types brought together in such violent debate; for while one was the epitome of vulgar insolence, the other (and far more efficient) was Italianesque, elegant, and obviously gently nurtured. Incongruity intensifies the alien ambiance attending post rational communication. Sensitive onlookers can experience nausea. 

The lockdown mechanism went like this: China knowingly allowed infected people to travel outside while preventing interior travel from affected areas. 

The World Health Organisation passively enabled this for weeks. 

The President of the U.S.A., Mr Trump, closed his airports and borders to possible infected personnel.  

China barred scientists from investigating the nature of the Convid virus while imprisoning or murdering Chinese whistleblowers . 

Mr Trump and other national leaders sought scientific consultation. He was being pressed to "trust science".

Dr. Fauci enters and after hesitation (timed with the lack of urgency at WHO) proclaims the outbreak to be a serious public threat and calls for a complete close down and house arrest orders for all of populations. All other nations except a a Nordic snob follows suit. 

American industry, on an unprecedented financial boom, grinds to a halt and millions are left unemployed; especially minorities.  

American States are semi autonomous countries under one Federal jurisdiction. They begin to display marked differences in levels of authoritarian or liberal government styles of control. The lines are clearly drawn between the Democrat Party and Republicans, that is Left Wing (Socialist) and Conservative. After eight seeks businesses are ruined or on the edge. Federal Government relief is organised for small firms and workers. 

Finally Mr Trump calls for a return to normality. Conservative states comply successfully. The Marxist influenced Democrats increase  punitive restrictions. 

The media with exception of the last surviving professional news outlet (Fox News) vilifies the President. 

A brutal arrest in which a policeman chokes a Black suspect to death by kneeling on his neck sparks local crowd displays of solidarity with the dead man’s family. Much of it is directed generally at the police and the media refers exhaustively to “endemic problems of police brutality” 

Within days these demonstrations have turned into murderous rioting, looting and the brutalising of innocent citizens. It spreads to England and Europe. Vindictive Marxist activists are identified. It is obviously a political attack on President Trump. Amid mass demonstrations white Liberals go into ecstatic spiritual elevation, self flagelating, and expressing associative guilt despite contradictory data which disproves police brutality of Black citizens. Actually, twenty unarmed white people were shot and killed this year while only ten unarmed Black people (including a woman) were shot and killed. Meanwhile 200 plus police officers were shot and killed. Some were simply run over by accurate fast cars. The dead cops have no excuse; they were armed Liberal rhetoricians will no doubt explain!.

 The Marxist States governors set free scores of criminals and rioters taken by the undermanned police, and refuse the use of National security resources. But the same Left wing governors demand that the police arrest dads for breaking stupid virus isolation rules. I.e cutting grass, playing ball with kids. The thousands of rioters and violent looters don't stay six feet apart. The blatant hypocrisy is actually psychologically unhinging people. Suicides are reported in record numbers. Domestic violence has become deadly. In short, the virus tyranny has driven much of decent society insane. 

Consider the consequence of bad law driven by worse science! Isolation decreases auto-immune system responses. Nurses and doctors sit at home playing patience. Hospitals are empty and life saving medical procedures suspended with so far unrecorded fatalities. Ambulances have nothing to do. National health services are rendered obsolete. A million illnesses, surgical procedures and necessary medical consultations are all unattended. If your child has toothache, wait a few months and you may find a dentist still in business.

 Fauci insists a vaccine is expected. Gates is appearing on TV licking his chops. Years ago Fauci told the press he was inventing a vaccine for Aids. Aids is not a virus.The deadly condition is an irreversible state of auto-immune degeneration. How could Fauci know? He's still collecting loot to make that Aids vaccine. 

Now here is the most sinister thing of all. Most information today is via Youtube and similar social media platforms, Twitter and the like. 

Hundreds of medical experts including world acknowledged virologists for a few days were pointing out the scientific nonsense of isolating populations, mask-wearing orders, social distancing and the excluding of elderly from family visitation etc.  

The tiny cabal of social media platform controllers painstakingly identified such doctors, accused them of publishing life threatening disinformation and quietly extracted their input from the public domain. 

Here are few examples of what the real experts tell us – nothing of which the State expert Fauci understands (if you believe it); 

1.The virus is so tiny the gauge of material in any mask looks like wide chicken wire. The virus can stand on ten other virus’s heads and they could all walk through the cloth. Theatre masks guard against moisture  A virus in the air can travel any distance. Distancing of 6 feet is nonsense. 

2. Isolation reduces auto-immune activity, as does lack of sunshine.

3.The human immune system develops with social interaction. Isolation kills.

4. By locking up healthy people with infected people you endanger the healthy and reduce the healing of the infected.The most efficient cure for a virus epidemic is to let the herd immune system dissolve, reduce and end it.

Any questions? How about “how many innocent people world-wide are being killed and must die because of the manipulated over-reaction to a non-lethal ‘flu outbreak? Will any of the miscreants be hanged?  Many,many thousands of lives are already ended by the Orwellian imprisonment of nations.

Foreplay! Our invisible masters flew the World smoke free tobacco fad.  So a a man has to smoke his wet fag in the rain. Passive smoking risk is a lie!

Foreplay! They propagated the big Global warmist scam. The earth is cooling. Fact!

Foreplay! You’re a conspiracy theorist! Of course.That's because conspiracies are what humans engage in, like planning a political party election!

Warning: It is obviously not a theory. It’s an open conspiracy, like Marxism, Nazism, Atheism, and disguising oppressive World Fascism as the Democratic Party, exchanging hot-dogs and baseball bleachers with torture, imprisonment, and skin identification chips; or in the UK the Labour Party into communism, and transforming fish and chips culture into micro-chips implants and the Commons into Gestapo rallies.

Remember it is still illegal to kick your MP up the arse! So go easy.


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