They were given the choice to stand free or to cower with the neutered Nanny State eunuchs of the political Left. But they deliberately picked that louche disgrace, and embraced it! What should have been a unified roar of national  contempt and withering defiance at the slithering slugs of tit-sucking State security became, instead, a shuffling abnegation of manly independence. And so we are hobbled in a limbo election where beak nosed lawyers and suspect judges are quite unhurriedly picking over the cadaver of what was once a great 24 hours democratic decision. A clear and unequivocal contract among a population that whoever was given the largest number of votes as to who should rule over them must be the winner.

The idea then was to accept the will of the majority, shake hands or buffet a head, and go off to bed. It's not that all the voters in these elections were supine yes men. Indeed more than half (or just less than half it remains to be seen) stood tall.

Goodness knows, the real men among them had produced for anyone with heart enough to engage moral squalor the leader par excellence, perhaps the single greatest American of the modern era. He is President Trump. He had come among them like a jolting intervention of Divine Providence, far too exact and timely to be merely a mindless accident in the short history of he United States. He came up from the strong, jostling mass of entrepreneurs and competitors who literally built such cities as New York. In fact he was a Big Apple property developer. Such power hungry brawlers amass enormous wealth almost by accident of a greater hunger. They don't erect seaside cottages and call them "Wee Nook". Trump spent his life towering above the ant-horde hard hats of the steel girders throwing up sky scraping towers. In fact Trump's own home is an enormous tower. A big man like this is the bawling antithesis of the politicians and Deep State swamp dwellers who steal and horde and dreadfully misuse the taxes of common men.

He led selflessly, out of anger, in the cause of all the decent people who had been robbed and then abandoned by the perfidious establishment aparachiks.  Then he was let down by so many.

But you will say; is it not the business of an election to honour the choice that isn't your own?  Well, of course, if the great assembly's task is to decide on general matters mutually experienced but offering here a course of action more advantageous to another or there a decision best suited to one's self, choosing is a common sense thing if only because it is a very common thing.

But when there is a crisis in the blunt demographic system which engages the very essence of democracy, when the opposition party is no longer a domestic fellow with contrary interests but an implacable enemy, even to the extent of serving an enemy power engaged in the nation's defeat and subjugation, when the "opposition" seeks to dismantle the moral and civic laws in open intention of enslaving one's fellow citizens and oneself, then what presents itself as an ordinary process of civilised intercourse must be exposed, opposed, and deposed.


Now it has been the key strategy of the virulent enemies of modern civilisations to overcome them by infiltration and then by perversion and subversion.

They do not use tanks. Their weapons of choice are seduction and secrecy. Like a terrible virus they adapt to the host they invade, then destroy it. The destructive force invading every great society today is known as the Left. The Latin word is Sinistra, its immediate derivation into English is Sinister.

The last battle against this stupefying Bug has just been fought in the United States. The foe was obvious, unambiguous, shifty, and disreputable. He is a traitor, and he is a fraudster, a liar, and a criminal. Hideously he is also a puppet, that is an empty figure manoeuvred by three black imps -- Marxists, Freemasons, and global opportunists. The mass of the world media has been subverted by these powers. No educated man or woman may be excused for ignorance of this appalling threat.

A half of all Americans, give or take a handful, have just betrayed President Donald J. Trump, betrayed their nation, and betrayed mankind. Oh, I asked one of these clowns, Why? Why did you turn on your chief? He said: "I didn't quite like his tone of voice!"



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