You know the feeling when you awake these isolationist days -- unsettled and unsafe, and hard to get motivated. It's as if coils of tissue cling around your ankles. There's a  sense of foreboding, of apprehension, of powerlessness. We are not alone. We could be victims of a new illness. It is a pandemic within the Covid 19 Scamdemic; but unlike the Covid 19 bug which is a virus and vulnerable to possible medication, this plague cannot be suppressed by any vaccine or inoculation.  In fact Covid 19 was cobbled together by mad professors in laboratories. This inner killer, let's call it it DeepState 2020, cannot be killed off. It is not of nature. It is spiritual or transcendent! Perhaps no more than a mood. But the mood is slavery!

Slavery is an intangible at first. An assumption that the other guy isn't worth a bean, like an unwanted baby cuddled up in mother's womb while she sits in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood Abortion Providers. Baby has a few minutes to live and is not impatient but as in a Greek Tragedy, the little creature is doomed and labelled detritus.. The  Romans in their pomp sold 100,000 men, women and children in one day at a trading post on the Adriatic. Until St. Patrick's time and St. Augustine's the central commercial commodity was enslaved humans. It took all that time for Christianity to ban it. Then came the Reformation. (English decency pulled back from the re-wakened disgrace for a short while but already three of that nation's great banks claimed foundation from the slave trade, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Ireland, and Barclays).

The almost demonic suddenness of the present closing down of human vitality and freedom is too much for most people to grasp. They think this distressing intrusion into their lives by unelected administrators must pass and that normal living will ensue. A tiny section comprised of three identifiable groups, Marxists, Freemason, and lunatic enthusiasts note that Santa Clause has come early. Their Seasonal spirit of choice is Deepstate.

Like Santa with his little helpers, the Deepstate propagators comprise a mob of nasty minions; rubble-faced dwarves like George Soros; gap-toothed Gates whose face is alarmingly flat; "Papa Bergubligan" whom some suspect of being the anti "Thing" (You know, the Thing, the Thing, as Biden puts it). Then there's the World Health Organisation non-entities;  and Joe Biden's puppeteers; Hilarious Clington with her toy-boy Bill; the Dimwit bros. of Sillycon valley; United Nations (ye gods!) and the brain dead goons of the Leftist millennials. You know the little black caped creeps: so add them to your local set. 

They execute the affirmative action duties of the Leftist movement which is to press around a lone pedestrian, jostle him then have a mob activist creep up behind and smash him on his unprotected neck with a brick before scampering away in cowardly triumph. These are the Nazi street gangs celebrating Kristallnacht undisturbed throughout the Socialist enclaves of the U.S. of A.

The Americans also have a weird synthetic problem called the Dems. This is a swamp creature in process of morphing from a white wage slaver into a mephitic beast of naked, destructive evil, to be known, finally, as the Democrat Party. That is the final transformation of many such hybrids which flit in and out of human history. The actual original was a snake-like creature who slithered into our sweetest garden to seduce the silly farmer's wife. Refer to the Bible for the full back story.

This is a fairy tale! Yes? You think so? O.K. have you been sent into solitary confinement in your own home by some anonymous civil servant with powers of State Diktat? Do you have any resort to legal advocacy or protection of your rights? If an unknown administrator in the town hall fines you a thousand quid will you get a fair hearing before a magistrate or is the punishment automatic, arbitrary?

Is there any need for parliament now if the clerks run the place uncontrolled? Any need of law, or law courts? Are you told how to march in the street, how to keep ranks, 6 ft. apart at all times. As in prison keep to the left in the Malls? Must you wear a mask in the toilet ? (OK a moot point!). But when may you appear anywhere as bare faced as your masters and mistresses? Why not visit your aged mother at the weekend? You are forbidden? Forbidden? Oh, and exactly to whom will you turn when "THEY" decide you are to be shot for endangering the lives of some future pandemic victims with runny noses? This is a serious question based on real possibilities.

Got it? Now consider the misty leg constraints, a constant tiredness or ennui that is sapping your energy! Things are firming up. Make sure you vote for Boris Johnson again, if he lets you that is!

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