Joe Biden, the man who had fraudulent electoral greatness thrust upon him by the king makers in the Washington Swamp, was painfully mumbling out words written for him on his portable idiot prompt. The dreary oration was meant to end with a rendition of America’s historic Oath of Allegiance, but at the line “one nation under God” Biden choked. He simply couldn’t bring himself to utter the name abhorred by his puppeteers, the new Democrat-Marxism Party. In place of God he blurted; “the Thing, you KNOW, the Thing!”.


For Judeo-Christians this is a blasphemous violation of the Decalogue’s -- “Thou shall not have strange Gods before me!” and “You must not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”


To scientists, or any educated person for that matter, the proposition is just preposterously silly. It is illogical to avow or condone militant atheism and call upon a transcendent notary of patriotic fervour, -


Anyway, atheism is immediately refuted by the tiny slave child of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. When a would be catechist asks “who made you?”, the infant replies: “I just growed”!”


Atheism depends on the Topsy theory which is really the Topsy Turvey theory, that the universe just got up and created itself one day.


There was an old world belief that the universe is without beginning or end. But the Big Bang theory killed that stone dead. It meant a beginning, an explosive beginning; in fact, an impossibly recent one if many other science anomalies are to be accommodated..


This nonsense of auto genesis is actually enforced upon succeeding populations of our young people from prestigious academic institutions down to primary school classrooms, and assumed to be irrefutable by the media.


Yokel pundits believed that fleas were formed in a tramp’s trousers, and spiders from horse dung, and so on. That yokel form of auto-genesis is scarcely different from an auto-cosmos-genesis. At least the peasant proposed an initial substance upon which to build his evolutionary theory, even if only on what a good wash could ruin.


So ubiquitous is the widespread contempt for the Creator that many colleges have been successfully sued for permitting any deviation from the atheist curriculum. In fact, it has become illegal to examine or criticise the accepted narrative in quite a number of countries or States. The academic mind is closed, hermetically sealed, and buried in adamantine denial.


Here for your amusement are the usual explanations put forward to  support this auto-genesis group-think.


One; The Universe “just growed”.

Two: We don’t know yet but Science must answer this eventually.

Three: It’s indicated by the theory of Evolution.

Four: The Big Bang explains it.

Five: Infinite time makes anything possible. I.e. An infinite number of monkeys footering with an infinite amount of word processors will accidentally recreate the full works of Shakespeare. Deconstructionalism!

Six: A lightning bolt struck a puddle of primeval soup and some chemicals survived the blast -- amino acid and a protein.


Items Three, Four, Five, and Six accept that an inorganic material universe already exists. Five assumes that an infinite amount of chaos can create order. It can’t. Theory Two, is an act of blind Faith rendered unlikely by observable impossibilities.


And so the only explanation left is the Big Bang theory.


Having shown that Topsy the pretty little slave infant has a creditable place among the great scholars of the age, let’s take closer look at causeless causes!.


The Big Bang.

One question a child would ask; “how did the condensed material mass come into being?


The philosopher asks: where was this entity that banged? It cannot float from all eternity in an environment that hs not yet been created?!


So now examine the impossible specificities implied in the random appearance of bio-forms, like viruses and orang utangs, damselflies and women. The odds against the infinitely miniscule T5 bacteriophage, pre bio element, forming randomly are assessed at 10 to the power of 3,600. Fred Hoyle’s number cruncher Wickramsinge likened this to a typhoon hitting a cosmic junkyard and accidentally assembling a Boing 707, fuelled and with inflated tyres. Roughly that’s what he said.

In math-speak it translates “impossible”!


But despite that star numbering figure, here is the creation answer concerning all the bio-diversity on planet earth. Universally taught from St. Bride’s primary to Manchester Grammar school; Glasgow University To MIT and Harvard. “It was lightning what done it!”


Seriously, a chap with the esoteric name Stanley Millar claimed to have produced two “chemicals”, amino acid and  protein, by sending a bolt of lightning type electricity into a beaker of primordial soup. The  soup could not be vegetable soup since turnips and stuff didn’t exist yet, so we’re considering the primordial soup to be mud.


But we may picture handing a packet of each to some lab with instructions “just pour contents into a small beaker, add water and stir well.” Then stand back and and watch the great forests and pretty gardens spring up to make nectar for bees and butterflies, particularly providing food and shelter for Adam and Eve. And, maybe, even the tree bearing forbidden fruit! This mind numbing idiocy is really, truly taught.


Let’s consider real lightning striking into real, say silicon or quartz ; with temperatures over 1800 degrees C. it fuses sand into silicon glass. A blast of one billion Joules radiates through the ground making Fulgurite, hollow glass-lined tubes. Mere grit and sand is simply obliterated. Yet we are asked to believe that from this inferno flutters the ancient species Damselfly, older and utterly unchanged from 100 million years pre Saurus period. Indeed!  Eejits!



Darwinian evolution theory is not concerned with creation from nothing, although enthusiastic promoters propose an evolutionary process of inanimate things as if the universe is a great bio organism. It’s not. It is composed of dirt, gas, ice, and molten metals.


Darwin imagined he was offering an explanation of how one species alters and becomes a different species. The theory was killed dead by the observations of scientists like the great Colin Patterson that no species has ever been discovered arising from a different species. He proved the fallacy of transformism and pointed out that deconstructuralism had to propose that anything in nature is possible when anything in nature is demonstrably not possible. An ape in the garden of Eden would be similar to any ape in London zoo. Give or take micro alteration within the species.


The Science definition


It is valid to separate the various disciplines involved in the study of phenomena. As scholastics say, each science is mistress of her own kitchen although Philosophy (with logic) may oversee intellectual proprieties.


St. Thomas Aquinas set the lines between the activity of the creator and His material creation. Those who say that fire does not heat but God does are mistaken. Thus each physical thing is an independent entity although sustained in existence by God.


In the history of enquiry few if any savants tried to explain the activity of phenomena by divine intervention. But fewer denied the clear indication that the creator was no mere watch winder, or that the exquisite design and order of the universe and its furnishing were the product of ultimate intelligence, even to the wonder of the intelligibility of the universe and the even more wondrous human faculty of intelligence, the ability to read it and strive to understand and, more, to appreciate things.


Needless to say the fool responds by denying the obvious design in all things including the blank face looking  back at him from his bathroom mirror.


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