THE oldest organization on earth was the Catholic Church – then it died this year.

Not one radio or TV broadcaster reported the crashing demise of that towering moral and ethical edifice which claimed consultancy status with God.

The news made no first edition “splash” on any of the thousands of titles hitting the busy streets of this planet’s crowded conurbations. No excited newsboy on fifth avenue was heard yelling “read all about it! Catholic Church dead. Official”.

 I didn’t hear one sub-editor scream, “hold the front page!”; and I was a Fleet Street journalist most of my life from reporter to specialist editor (science) to assistant editor in Britain’s then biggest newspaper.

In fact this astonishing news flash may be the only one you will ever read, although it was officially filed with Associated Newspapers’ Mail (with direct copy to its editor Gordie Craig). 

It’s not that the world media ignores all stories about the ancient mother Church. In fact in one U.S. state which boasts 90 odd major newspaper titles over 2,000 articles about priestly abuse of minors were published, not a few harvested from generations of dead clerics and all but a fraction of the whole comprised of unsupported accusations. None of these recent “revelations” revealed a single new conviction. In most civilized nations journalists have a defense in law against libel lawsuits so long as the copy they file is factual, balanced, and contemporaneous. Try them three cookies on the world reporting of, say, Cardinal Pell’s disgraceful “legal” persecution in Australia!

Credible accusations made against Catholic clergy during the last three or four years of the media feeding frenzy mainly concerned homosexual activity involving male rent boys. But the headlines invariably screamed “pedophilia”, the practically non-existent sexual interference with pre-pubescent children.

Meanwhile, the political authority of that State where the news hounds have developed a selective sense of smell which permits them to follow no other scent than a whiff of incense has been desperately warning of immediate and on-going sex attacks by teachers on children in local classrooms – and that serious sexual abuse of minors has become the tragic norm in nearly all American State schools and colleges.

How did the 90 odd mighty media outlets respond? Well only FOUR articles about this pandemic of child abuse in educational establishments  appeared. That is, only four newspapers out of the more than 90 felt that this staggering threat to American school-children was worth even checking out. And then a  single news  item on inside pages was considered sufficient to fulfill their duty as public watchdogs. That is just four newspapers remember.

Or put it this way, the media in that State alone published 2,000 non stories or rehashed old news which by dint of mere publication befouled the good name of every American citizen who is a member that great charity driven Church of one and a half billion souls. Perhaps Californian Catholics just keep on paying to be insulted by subscribing to such cherry-picking bigot sheets, and also continue to buy advertising space at the usual extortionate rates..

I don’t think so! If the economists have got it right most of the U.S. media is struggling for survival. So they outrage a huge trench of their potential readership! It is really inexplicable!

Meanwhile the moral authority of the greatest Church in history has been trashed and the results speak for themselves. Love or dislike the Catholic Church she once spoke and the world listened. What voice is heard now advocating self-control, sanity and tolerant love? Who incessantly advocates “love your neighbor as yourself …” and clearly defines evil as “evil” and good as “good” in our chaotic society where even the vocabulary is trumped by any fad no matter how grotesquely insane?

This is an age in which an English social worker is dragged before magistrates for the Hate Crime of using the pronoun “him” for a disturbed boy who claims he is a girl. English teachers have a weird new problem to contend with then.

Judges have become free to tell an incredulous wretch in the dock that to plead innocence actually means to admit guilt. For how do you mount a defense when the dictionary has been discarded with the bible in every court and words mean only what the prosecutor tells us they mean? Indeed, words also may mean what the mob insists they must mean. So law on this planet has been reduced to the braying of any faddish ideologist … which means to the usual leader of the mob. He is the nut case we once condemned as a tyrant, like Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin, or Pol Pot; a handful of demoniacs who murdered not thousands of people like you and me, but millions upon millions.

When we of the great information services actually encourage, passively or actively, idiots who want to dance on the grave of God and publicly set fire to the source of all natural law (the Ten Commandments) are we celebrating the apparent death of Divinity or simply the end of common sense and even of sanity? Whatever else it is, journalists are complicit in the crime and that includes the assassination of human freedom.

Why do these ill- informed Press turkeys insist on starving us for Christmas?         JEB

Ecclesiastical watchers are divided on some historical claims that the RC Church is into resurrection from the dead. We had better pray that even if nobody else can rise from the grave she can!


Next week: How to assassinate the human mind. BAD SCIENCE, 1


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