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Bad science isn't stupid; it's how an elite builds a "one world" minion stateActually, bad scientists don’t make bad science. Bad men do that -- intentionally. Mad men and stupid men believe them.

Most of the World’s gullible millions aren’t mad of course. Only some of them. Most often enthusiasts like earth warmists are simply slow witted, or slothful, or Liberal Democrats.

A simple IQ test originally formulated at MIT near Harvard University in the USA to help select TV journalists from college drop-outs was adapted to identify potential political minions for the personal use of multi billionaire George Soros, the financial/moral philosopher and primary causal philanthropist founder who invented Black Wednesday and filleted the British exchequer as well as the French Bourse, plus German, African, and Oriental exchanges. He is said to have tried to snaffle the Soviet Gasprom trillions but another Russian-speaking entrepreneur got in first in order to purchase Chelsea soccer club from John Terry.

Now for the first time our research team has reproduced the Soros "IQ test for minions".  Newshawk readers are invited to try the test themselves. Media persons are exempt, obviously. QED.


  • Rising sea levels will soon inundate many land masses (with water).
  • Carbon emissions are deadly pollutants.
  • Greenhouse gasses can’t surely be made of water? Can they? Of course not! Can they? Really!" Water? Like H2O? Wow!
  • Something must be done about plant photosynthesis to find alternative plant nutrition. Carbon emission consumption is a filthy habit even for cabbages or grass or rain forests.
  • World populations must be rigorously culled to improve 3rd world living standards. Too many disadvantaged people live in poor quarters.
  • Abortion does not actually kill people as such – certainly not alleged hundreds of millions (that would cause suicidal damage to the gene pool).
  • Baseball attracts crowds which makes space too hot to live in. Cow farts are also catastrophic given greenhouse conditions.
  • Women, specifically, have the right to not have mothers in law ... by Wade and Roe privacy legislation etc.
  • A smoker outside in the street constitutes a life-threatening cancer risk to non-smokers in the entire neighbourhood.
  • Men leave toilet seats raised because they know it teases.
  • The big bang entity was not actually caused by anything (obviously, for nothing else was there at that stage) nor by anybody (obviously, because HE wasn’t there either according to recent research and the consensus of the world science community).
  • It is a hate crime to deny that any mother’s ugly daughter is a swan or a son, or a cow if whatever it is she (the swan) claims to be. This is not a trick question! Fatuous answers are illegal and will result in regular police interference.
  • The Canadian Government can tell Canadians what to think when and if thinking. This is a good thing.
  • President Trump causes most of the above which is NOT fake news.

Tick A for Yes, B for No, and C for Otherwise.

Results: If you selected one A you are minion material. If you selected two A's or more you are one of the 8 per cent of the earth's population which cannot be employed – even by the U.S. military. These statistics are officially accepted by the UN and by NATO. At least the unemployable 8 per cent bit is. Mr. Soros invites any candidate with up to two Yes ticks to fill in the employment form attached to the test paper.