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OK. Sorry about the spoof approach, but the ubiquitous lying and intentional misinformation which practically all Government licensed authorities and supporting agencies have disseminated among the populations is a phenomenon which flies in the face of every sane and ethical norm conceivable. To engage it by any other means than mockery would be to make it almost credible by implying that it is worthy of consideration.

Obviously some serious scientific response is demanded, at least to confirm facts. There is naivete however in thinking that careful argument by real scientists has any effect on the catastrophists, as though serious debate might influence them. The "be very afraid" faction triumphed long before microphones were thrust into the startled faces of homely academics and hitherto anonymous laboratory people who travel to work on public transport. These intelligent hard-working folks years later still seem unaware that their antagonists are political VIPs and mentally negligible Hollywood celebrities getting immersed in the role of clever clogs. They simply learn their lines from a one page script written by climate "experts" like Al Gore who has to rely on his local radio station's weather girl about taking an umbrella or leaving it in the stretch limo. From Seattle to Hong Kong and on to wherever news trivia is an interruption in gibbering pop noise and pop music one mantra has been brilliantly insinuated into every vacant head; "our climate is coming to destroy humanity and a filthy chemical called carbon is driving it along". Dr. Wellmeaning is on a loser in a lecture hall seating more than half humanity. And if any sane conservative believes that Mr. and Mrs. Average will finger a scare mongering huckster at election time and vote in the nice guy, he's still living with his Mom.

Questions abound as to where this evil will find its consummation; some observers suspect an international power grab by a small but enormously privileged caucus. Newshawk believes that the consummation is already upon us because the fraud perpetrated on the world, the absolute triumph of double speak and punitive mind control by obscure legislation, (impossible to achieve without high level government acquiescence over many years) is the final end of freedoms brought to mankind by aeons of struggles towards higher standards and finally enthroned by the wisdom of Judeo-Christianity. It is worth noting that of all the curbs which this dark movement had to contend with none excited its hatred more than the religious vehicles of the ancient Decalogue. Finally the craven passivity of the world information media which often actively promoted perversion at the expense of sane normality has been the most vicious of all the spells bewitching the will power and common sense of once confident people. The press it was that tirelessly contrived to silence the Catholic Church, something which even Hell itself was said to find impossible. The voice that proposed love, forgiveness, and tirelessly explained the simple difference between good and evil has been screamed down and Bedlam rules.


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