Does any grouping of people in the Free World trust God today? The Divine power is certainly given a mention in the various national mottoes and anthems of the nations. The good old party in the United States probably gives the Lord a bit more than most; they seem to mean it when they proclaim "In God We Trust!", and the average Republican is fairly open about his Christianity while publicly defending toleration of other religions. The Democrats, like the Labour Party in the U.K., began as believers in God, and, in the cause of seeking justice for the Common Man against exploitation by the powerful, they assumed that Jesus taught that the first involved the second: that is, true worship of God required love of one's neighbour. The matter was not open to debate. Them's the ground rules. In fact the leathery old guys who formulated the elegant political masterpiece they call The Constitution of the United States of America warned that their mysteriously successful Republic was grounded on Christian values and could not be kept without them. If you think about it, the father of Free Trade, Adam Smith, insisted that Capitalism, as such, depended upon the same theological foundation. Whether the man is a worshiping, God-fearing Christian, or holds by Natural Law (Decalogue), or merely assumes that such rules are hard wired in humanity, he left an historical record of a basic understanding of reality, that anything which humanity constructed must self-destruct without recognition of rules set by that Higher Power. Few thinkers in the story of Man have proposed the purpose of conscience to be other than a sense of their Creator's will. “Unless the Lord builds the house the builder labours in vain.” The Bible.

All that is a given in sane debate. Then a phenomenon of the human psyche "evolved" which is the absolute antithesis of that “given”. This contradiction is not confined to political philosophy as taught in the schools but to the entire body of ethics and morality as are espoused by mainstream religions. Nor is the antipathetic intolerance of deistic spirituality satisfied with intensive negative propaganda, it advocates physical violence at unimaginable levels of genocidal hatred, direct and malevolent as in Stalinist and Nazi purges of millions of men, women and children, but also forms of societal genocide as with abortion (whose infant victims are quite beyond counting today). Russia and China are self-destructing by abortion with America and Europe catching up. Passive population erosion is denuding nearly all advanced cultures by materialist temptation to limit births. A massive form of passive genocide.

This alien, atheist spirit was actually among us from the start but it was confined to the darker states of human desire and imagining. It was the denial of the Creator, of the power that all men have everywhere and always called God. At first it was a denial of what was; a sort of "non serviam!" moan of rebellion by those who felt it better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.  Even the denial (proposed as that of the fool), "Non est Deus." God doesn't exist, was just a blank refusal to consider the ramifications of such a proposition. But the evolved atheism which has invaded the very essence of human cognition, from East to West, is that God is a sop for the uneducated, an emotional crutch for fools or gullible masses. The first religion of Denial sneered at Christianity as an opiate. That powerful world religion is called Communism, its basic philosophy is Marxism (after a co-founder). The scriptural "Insipiens in corde sua dixit non est Deus" has been set on its head and now only the fool declares God.

For any journalist this controversy has long moved from debating chamber to the streets. It is also the news story supreme. It is so big it has become invisible. This little essay attempts to throw powder over the miasma to make its outlines visible, little else. To unpick its fabric is the stuff of the arachnids of myth.

Mankind as an activity grouping, that is the women and men whose intricate affairs are regulated by norms of behavour day by day tend to identify three ruling authorities; personal, ethical, and legal. The first is proposed as conscience, an innate or learned set of behavoural principles the violation of which results in emotional discomfort or visible disadvantage to other people affected by our "abnormal" acts. The second is the Church or its like. The third is Government. The thrust here concerns governments; to be explicit, politics, politicians, and the people. The question is; can Government exist without God. It is a serious question and it has never been more pertinent – or more blatantly avoided.

Yes, America’s news media hates Americans! But when does political opposition turn into treason?

Growing up in far away Scotland I had a thing about America before I ever realised it was another country. It was a formless affection for things a world away from my scampering boyhood; and it all began behind the Odeon cinema in a town called Hamilton. Our gang on a Saturday morning huddled outside the fire-doors to listen to the echo-chamber voices of Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Cagney and the other celluloid movie mobsters plotting a bank heist, or the young curate, Fr. Bing Crosby crooning the Bells of St. Mary’s. It was the poor kid’s Stargate through which a sunlit culture flowed into the old country. Everything in the movies was big and safe and, looking back, definitely decent. Sons called their fathers Sir. Protocol, even in Roy Rogers Cowboy movies, was observed in the company of crinolined ladies.

A lifetime later I went to America on a news assignment. I was to return again and again. I loved visiting the States. The film industry even back then was becoming impatient of the consensual Christian standards of the people but it wasn't dirty. That was coming, a very long time coming, but when it came it had the force of something like blasphemy in a Church. And everything couldn't be blamed on the film industry. That cultural catastrophe was a fusion of three currents, a louche, atheist academia which had seized practically every chair in the great universities, Hollywood where the sexual revolution had almost overnight made a joke of the august Film Censor Board, and a coup by the Marxist Left which subverted the political faction that went with baseball, and hot-dogs, and movie queues -- the Democrat Party, a former recourse of the hard working common man; to represent him and his family, their precarious industrial security and basic social justice.

To return Stateside in the 70s, after a mere ten years, was a culture shock. The change was as bewildering and sudden as landing in a city in the aftermath of a military coupe. And the perfidy of the once paternally correct Media was the most unnerving phenomenon of all within this sinister national metamorphosis. Americans had historically elevated the status of their information services to a level bordering upon the sacred; entwined inextricably with founding laws framing their God given right to free speech. The media, it seemed, formed a secure wall against the faddish depredations of post war Europe. It is for another essay to enquire into a secondary problem coming to light - the adoption by the younger professional class of a form of soft Marxism (admittedly a fantasy in itself) when the norm is for comfortable and secure people to be Conservative. That it is a fact explains to some extent the success of the virus that has reduced the Democrat Party.  Today the Democrats really do behave like a fifth column -- the inside enemy, the agency subverting its own nation and assisting traitors. And the bulk of the mainline media is cheerleader and enabler of the wildest of their treasons.

Consider the sea-change in the Press! In times past, a colleague on the Daily Mail in England took up our “man in America” column and became the delighted and spoiled guest of our Yankie cousins. He was invited to all sorts of functions and beanos one of which was a public lecture that had drawn a huge crowd. The speaker was one of the early anti-smoking experts. My friend wandered into the Green room during a break and found the pundit lighting a large Havana Havana cigar. Now he did what Brit journalists do by nature. He slipped out his notebook while signaling for a photographer. The pleasant pundit was quite unfazed. In fact he proffered a cigar to the reporter. No photographer turned up and my chum’s hosts later gently chided him for “breaking faith” with the expert. Seemingly the gaff was compounded by a failure to ask if the obvious subject was for or not for “the record”. Back then most American journalists would have slapped my pal’s wrist. Imagine the scene today! Ah, but not as a vignette in a crowded city of basically decent citizens, try instead to think of the cigar sinner as a leading Republican and my old time colleague as the chief reporter on the Washington Post, or a CNN anchor man. Get the drift? For the record? Ye gods!

There has survived a shrinking number of excellent media channels and press titles, such as The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. But the visitor is left with a suspicion that the best commentators are failing to recognise the enormity of the force that has overtaken them, although essential local elements have been correctly identified and responding strategies devised. For example a major problem is Deep State. Almost every assault on the culture entered via that novel Trojan Horse

In itself, Deep State is neutral. It is not a fifth column as such, but its very existence handicaps formal authority.  Deep State is essentially a State operating inside the State proper. The phenomenon emerged quite by the necessity of its own nature; that is, the administrative body of any modern nation has grown so numerous and powerful as the direct result of computer generated information that it has formed an identifiable social grouping of its own. The sheer data and information processing competence of this specialist population has cut a chasm between government administration as a tool of the governors and the actual tool itself. In terms of a paradox the tool is too big for the engineer and only the tool can use the tool. Now in itself the incompetence of elected people to control this Leviathan is problem enough, but what if real 5th columnists get to influence such massive machinery of State control.

 It can certainly be manipulated insofar as its senior operatives can be influenced by interested powers; for example by bribery or quid pro quo deals for patronage or advancement. Potentially it could be more deadly than the old Fifth Columnists of the past. Imagine a power caucus, say a political party,  unleashing the tax collection department against some perceived enemy! Or the nightmare scenario of the might of State Security being launched against an American citizen!

But, my goodness! Hasn't this just taken place in the United States of America as we write? The Obama/Clinton administration has just been exposed for the first horror, hounding enemies by subversive taxation. And has not the Democrat Party been exposed as the blatant manipulators of senior Federal security personnel who then engaged in wire-tapping, spying and entrapment meetings even in President Trump's own home?

And what decent visitor to America could conceive of an impeachment process moved against the President with purpose to remove him from his elected office? No? Well the Democrats have initiated that very contrivance. And in order to set the whole charade in motion recourse was taken initially to evoke the new beast Deep State in the form of its security administrators.

How they twisted safeguard brain function to make zombie populations Part two   Bad Science      

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. So wrote Pitt the Younger in the early 19th century.

So what’s new? And for slaves read minions. Same thing.

But you get the big picture now! It’s about creating and manipulating a sense of fear in a group of ordinary people. This is done by confusing the critical psychological signals which are hard wired into each individual. One of these is, in professional jargon, the sympathetic nervous system. This initiates a track in the brain which boosts physical sensitivity and thus improved reaction to threats. Headlights whiz towards you in the rain and your pupils dilate, your throat widens to take in more oxygen, the heart rate accelerates, and blood moves from the body’s surface deep into the muscles. You leap from a standing start five feet further than your best running long jump at school. In fact fear initiates these sudden and complex physiological changes to defend and protect you from imminent damage. Whether for fight or flight you are better at it.  When the threat recedes the parasympathetic nervous system defaults. A man can then relax and enjoy a bite to eat. Nature when left to itself switches your emergency system back to normality mode which is easy like Sunday morning. They call it the rest and digest mode. However studies of sedentary office people experiencing panic attacks indicate a form of slow burning triggering of the sympathetic mode. Certainly the cure involving quick strenuous exercise suggests the classical default back into calm. Endless irritation and constant negativity is not helpful to mental stability.

That’s of use to the mischiefs who insist that we all get off our easy chairs and protest and do stuff like marching in very long lines down the main street yelling, “Tories .... out, out, out!” or to organize public campaigns for chucking bad eggs at politicians and then getting indigestion or jail.

So if Mr Soros’s agents, or the Marxists or Freemasons, or heretic RC popes get us all to feel ratty and suspicious and expecting the worst the manipulators can programme us with any and every kind of ideology and we don’t even notice we’re so pissed off. Why? Because an agitated man can’t think straight. In fact under the influence of the sympathetic nervous system instinct rules. Logic is jettisoned. We become susceptible to all kinds of subliminal propaganda. Simple! Next thing you know Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin, or Pol Pott is redivivus (risen from the tomb). You could be unlucky enough to discover that George Soros is the big swinging dick – globally! And it’s all accomplished by keeping us convinced that rules like persecuting smokers, or saving the planet from the laws of nature are absolutely necessary. Look around! When I met my student nurse wife I was sitting up in bed smoking a Capstain cigarette in Ward 10, Hairmyers Hospital, Lanarkshire, Scotland. The matron herself removed my ash tray to empty it. That’s called freedom folks. It’s why we lost a lot of young men in fire fights against hordes of German National Socialists, AKA Nazis.

The 12 questions of the quiz above are the tip of an iceberg of lost freedoms; and the most disturbing thing of all is not just that freedom has been eroded but that once free people have been unconsciously pressed into a pernicious consensus (or secret police force, or virtue signaling religion for the other guy) antagonistic towards any of the few freedoms left us in Western culture. In Canada only one man of note stood up to shout, Enough! when his government passed a law to force him what to say. That is a violation of free speech never contemplated outside of oppressed nations under Communist or Nazi tyrannies. What not to say can be ok if it limits personal insults, but to be ordered that you must use this or that expression … well that’s not right. That was Jordan Peterson.

Bad science isn't stupid; it's how an elite builds a "one world" minion stateActually, bad scientists don’t make bad science. Bad men do that -- intentionally. Mad men and stupid men believe them.

Most of the World’s gullible millions aren’t mad of course. Only some of them. Most often enthusiasts like earth warmists are simply slow witted, or slothful, or Liberal Democrats.

A simple IQ test originally formulated at MIT near Harvard University in the USA to help select TV journalists from college drop-outs was adapted to identify potential political minions for the personal use of multi billionaire George Soros, the financial/moral philosopher and primary causal philanthropist founder who invented Black Wednesday and filleted the British exchequer as well as the French Bourse, plus German, African, and Oriental exchanges. He is said to have tried to snaffle the Soviet Gasprom trillions but another Russian-speaking entrepreneur got in first in order to purchase Chelsea soccer club from John Terry.

Now for the first time our research team has reproduced the Soros "IQ test for minions".  Newshawk readers are invited to try the test themselves. Media persons are exempt, obviously. QED.


  • Rising sea levels will soon inundate many land masses (with water).
  • Carbon emissions are deadly pollutants.
  • Greenhouse gasses can’t surely be made of water? Can they? Of course not! Can they? Really!" Water? Like H2O? Wow!
  • Something must be done about plant photosynthesis to find alternative plant nutrition. Carbon emission consumption is a filthy habit even for cabbages or grass or rain forests.
  • World populations must be rigorously culled to improve 3rd world living standards. Too many disadvantaged people live in poor quarters.
  • Abortion does not actually kill people as such – certainly not alleged hundreds of millions (that would cause suicidal damage to the gene pool).
  • Baseball attracts crowds which makes space too hot to live in. Cow farts are also catastrophic given greenhouse conditions.
  • Women, specifically, have the right to not have mothers in law ... by Wade and Roe privacy legislation etc.
  • A smoker outside in the street constitutes a life-threatening cancer risk to non-smokers in the entire neighbourhood.
  • Men leave toilet seats raised because they know it teases.
  • The big bang entity was not actually caused by anything (obviously, for nothing else was there at that stage) nor by anybody (obviously, because HE wasn’t there either according to recent research and the consensus of the world science community).
  • It is a hate crime to deny that any mother’s ugly daughter is a swan or a son, or a cow if whatever it is she (the swan) claims to be. This is not a trick question! Fatuous answers are illegal and will result in regular police interference.
  • The Canadian Government can tell Canadians what to think when and if thinking. This is a good thing.
  • President Trump causes most of the above which is NOT fake news.

Tick A for Yes, B for No, and C for Otherwise.

Results: If you selected one A you are minion material. If you selected two A's or more you are one of the 8 per cent of the earth's population which cannot be employed – even by the U.S. military. These statistics are officially accepted by the UN and by NATO. At least the unemployable 8 per cent bit is. Mr. Soros invites any candidate with up to two Yes ticks to fill in the employment form attached to the test paper.

THE oldest organization on earth was the Catholic Church – then it died this year.

Not one radio or TV broadcaster reported the crashing demise of that towering moral and ethical edifice which claimed consultancy status with God.

The news made no first edition “splash” on any of the thousands of titles hitting the busy streets of this planet’s crowded conurbations. No excited newsboy on fifth avenue was heard yelling “read all about it! Catholic Church dead. Official”.

 I didn’t hear one sub-editor scream, “hold the front page!”; and I was a Fleet Street journalist most of my life from reporter to specialist editor (science) to assistant editor in Britain’s then biggest newspaper.

In fact this astonishing news flash may be the only one you will ever read, although it was officially filed with Associated Newspapers’ Mail (with direct copy to its editor Gordie Craig).