A kindly BBC anchor woman put on her best serious face before introducing in cut crystal accents the latest flickering images of populations being murdered on camera. One scene dissolved to another in a crescendo of severity – gut wrenching and finally mind deflecting. How can we look on babes starving to death before our eyes; mothers pleading into our hopeless hearts?

Video evidence has just been released exposing the shocking involvement of  Planned Parenthood in marketing body parts harvested from babies in abortion clinics. In a  report from the Center for Medical Progress,  responsible for obtaining the video evidence, the world’s foremost pro-abortion organisation is actually accused of arranging to have organs and other parts of a baby cut to order. They pass orders to surgeons in the abortion trade with detailed instructions. Officials of affiliated groups are also accused of being inculcated in the harvesting and marketing baby body parts.

AMERICANS are waking up to a journalist who almost single handedly has taken on the suffocating anti-Christian and anti-Faith media fanatics. Bill Donohue’s  Catholic  League for Civil and Religious Rights has not only kept the spotlight on the bigots of broadcasting but has also  exposed the ease by which organisations whose main objective is to destroy religion can bully small organisations out of existence by mounting vexatious legal actions funded by secretive wealthy “foundations” . In most other nations judges would make this impossible by identifying and throwing out mischievous (vexatious) attempts to misuse the law. The most glaring cases recently have been the Obama encouraged legal onslaught on the world famous Little Sisters of the Poor who operate in the most deprived and poverty stricken communities. Obama’s shame has been exposed in the success by which the poor nuns are being harried in the courts because they refuse to betray their Christian morals and consciences by  engaging in the aborting of babies.


by Bill Donohue, Editor of Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights.

The movie “Spotlight” is bound to spark more conversation about the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, much of what the American public knows about this issue is derived from the popular culture, something this film will only abet. Therefore, the time is ripe to revisit what the actual data on this subject reveals.


The barrage of clerical perversion accusations has shaken the confidence of the world’s billion Roman Catholics. But underlying the sex scandals a more sinister drama is playing out in Rome. Vatican observers are warning that the Roman Catholic Church, a once monolithic religious presence and global voice of moral authority is in free fall. They also argue that no human being on earth will escape “unimaginable” repercussions if she fails. Some suspect that the present media spotlight, tirelessly scanning for paedophiles in cassocks, is masking the greater scandal. It not only smears the image of the Church, eroding public confidence in its religious mission, but also provides a smokescreen behind which schismatic factions within the Church itself beaver to consolidate a power base to change unpopular (to them) doctrines and disciplines.

The schism

The following is an attempt to trace the rise, growth and spread of the theological schism which is invading Catholicism like a computer virus. The most intriguing factor emerging from an examination of this assault on the unity of Catholicism is that it was largely enabled by a symbiosis of obscure forces (including militant atheism) whose common agenda is not just the destruction of  Christianity but the abolishing of moral standards in the nations of the world without which civilisation cannot exist.